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Proud GF

83 days ago I broke down and told my bf that he had to get clean or I was leaving. We both downloaded the app and I drug test him randomly. He’s been clean for almost three months! The three month mark will be on my 33 birthday and something about that is poetic. Thank you for this app! I think seeing the money wasted helped tremendously and I know he read the messages often during the first month. Each day gets easier. Love to all!

In my head

Im in my head to much and I’m trying to get out of it. Its just to heard at times, I say the Serenity prayer over and over agai.  It helps at times, but not when I’m laying in my bed trying to go to sleep. But, I know it just one minute at a time at times, so I have to Continue to pray And stay positiv. This to shall pass

@ Day Numero Uno

Great! Keep doing the next right thing.

Day Numero Uno

First day clean. Downloaded this amazing app.  Took some tips for the day and walked to a meeting.  The beginning of a productive day! 

Worst hangover

I quit drinking on Friday by literally not being able to get out of bed without feeling ill and my head pounding. I realized that last Friday was spent the exact same way, so I decided that was finally it. I've been starting to see this guy, but I already know it's not going to go anywhere because all he talks about is beers. How am I going to navigate dating? I really want to get healthier and sober but I don't want to have cravings the rest of my life. Does it eventually go away? I can't fathom thinking about being sober every day for the rest of my life -- I'm 26. 


thanks for your time! And good luck to you all 

2 Months Free!!!

Today, I’ve got 2 months!!! Thank God!!!  61 days is huge for me not to long ago I was unable to get 61 minutes! Im so blessed to have a family that is so supportive. This was only possible through working a 13 step program, my sponsor, my higher power and only taking it 24 hrscat a time!

Still clean and sober

Today I have 59 days clean and sober! It’s been the first time in over 10 years! Today is a rough day it’s the anniversary of my mother’s passing, every other year this Day was soaked in regret, remorse, and a reason to stay fucked up! However, I thank my higher power for the grace to get me through it and actually honoring my mother by this gift. I’m grateful for another 24 hour reprieve!☺️

Time to reach out and admit I cant do this on my own

I got sober in 2010 and drove from illinois to arizona to get sober stayed sober almost 2 years.I decided to leave the 3/4 house in arizona and fly back to illinois in w days i bought my first beer and every since then almost 8 years have been staying drunk and high off of drugs I am diagnosed dual diagnosis and struggle with shizophrenia and type 2 manic I take alot of medicstions which i mix with alcohal and other drugs.Ive overdosed to msny times to count im in bad shape physically and have diabetis and heart condition needless to day ive just turned 50 last saturday and suprised im still alive.I havent got much of a choice to either wuit soon and get help or just die.Sad but true.Im hoping a higher power led me to this site and app .Please put me in your prayers and I will try to keep you in mine


@ Day 2

We are pulling for you.

Day 2

Hey day 2 I  hope I can sleep.Normally be on 2 bottle of wine by now.