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@ Root Cause

But don't spend too much time searching for past causes. Better to stay in recovery by practicing a daily program. 

Root Cause

Look back at the past and find the root cause of addiction. Let addiction be buried with the past. Do not let addiction bury one in the present. Let go and live long.

One step more

Bonjour tous le monde

J'ai arrêté de fumer il y a 2 ans ce jour. Il est temps de faire un nouveau pas aujourd'hui.

Je buvais une bouteille de vin chaque soir. Il est temps d'être libre de cette dépendance aussi.

Drunk Driving kills

Don’t Drink 🍹 & Drive QAPY

Almost done.

got half a blunt left. After a 200 dollar coke first date session.going to the gym then I’m coming home to drink beer and kill that last of that blunt. Then it’s sober time. For Papá


"Happiness is an inside job".

I came across this quote in the messages. I really like this quote!

@ 4th step help

You need an AA Sponsor to actively guide you through all of the steps including the 4th step. Do you have a Sponsor?

4th Step Help

Hi All,

I am greatful to be 30 days cleanand sober!  I am working on my 12 steps and am a little (ok a lot) stuck on the 4th step.  Prior to my 30 days I had been drinking almost daily for over 20 years.  When i start trying to look back, I keep coming up with the same answer. to why I drank, and that is "Because I always have".  I don't resent my Parents or brothers and sisters like everyone writes about, so I am just looking for advice or feedback.

Thank You


I posted a comment called “4th step help” but don’t see it anywhere in the forum...

does anyone know ihow long it takes to appear?

 Thank You 

4th step help


I just celebrated my 30th day clean and sober 1/18/18.  I’ve been through 4 days of detox and still attending IOP and AA meetings every weekday. Prior to last December I was drinking to some level almost daily (beer). I’m now trying to take the hurdle into and past the 4th step, but every time I think about the “why” I always come up with “that’s just what I’ve always done”. 

Any thoughts or advice?  Thank You