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I can

i can do this. I want to be proud of myself for something I can control. The decision to pick up in mine and mine alone. I don’t need to blame it on anyone. I can do this. 

To those starting over...

I swore off alcohol over and over again for 10 years. And i kept on drinking...

Then I finally admitted I was powerless over alcohol and could not do it on my own and made the effort to puck up the phone and call for help. From there I was on my way. The person on the other end talked to me and listened. He suggested going to a meeting that night and he met me there. He walked me into the room and sat beside me for the first meeting. 

That was 11 months ago. It wasn't perfect or smooth but it keeps getting better every day. The only way for me to get sober was to surrender and ask for help. These apps and other tools are a help but they are no substitute for the help of other alcoholics and a good program. 

If you are struggling, reach out and have faith.

@ Feeling Guilty Help

Have you tried treatment?

Feeling guilty help

Relapsed and feel so guilty. Had two weeks. I hate who I am while drinkng. I'm a thirty year old woman and bad health

First day

Just woke up after partying all night. Tired of the hangovers. Tired of people who only want to see me to party. Tired of being tired. Tired of this stuff getting in the way of my goals  💛 here’s to new beginnings. 

@ Miserable

That's why you are miserable. You can be happy and sober if you get help and don't just rely on yourself. Try going to a 12 step meeting or calling a hospital. 


first rely on your self. No one else can do it!

second get out of bed and eat some thing

you will hurt. Get some Asprin 

 you get through 24 hours you are on your way


Day 1 again

Have to take actions to get sober again before I lose my mind again.  Found this app today and I have read a few things. I want to be better.

Trying again

Today is the day I decided to do this again,stop doing things that are olding me back and tearing me down emotionally and physically. Don't put off today what will never get done tomorrow. I thought about that all day at work. 😎

new user thoughts

well done  xxxxx