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So Grateful to be sober today! Whew!

created by: Clean 5 months, 1 week ago

I am grateful to be sober today. Yesterday was the kind of day where I would have definitely gotten drunk if I did not have a recovery program. First, I transferred money from one account to another and when I checked it online oh, it look like there was money missing. When I waited on the phone for about an hour and finally got Bank representative oh, the representative gave me the wrong information and directed me somewhere else. After three hours, I was finally able to make progress on the situation even though I'm still waiting for a final answer about where the missing money went. Second, someone tried to scam me. I received an email saying that they wanted to feature me on a television show because I have a great product. I thought it was a public-interest show and there would be no charge. However, after scheduling a time to talk to the person, I realize that the person was just trying to sell me advertising. She said the minimum cost would be $5,500. After that, my boss told me to do something I disagreed with. In summary, I owned my feelings about this day yeah and was very angry in disappointed and hurt. I felt stupid for almost getting ripped off by the scam. I felt humiliated by my boss. I felt abused by the bank. In my drinking and Drug days, I would have gotten mightily drunk and stoned after only one of these occurrences. However, I was able to call my sponsor, I was able to correct my thinking distortions. For example I did not exercise all-or-nothing thinking. I did not see that this was a situation that was all black and that life was all black. I was able to say to myself that this too shall pass. I was able to avoid magnifying the situation by remembering that these were not big deals that would end my life. I was able to exercise perspective by thinking that there are other people who have cancer, or are newly sober, a multitude of things that are worse than these problems. I was able to say to myself that I am thankful to have a job. I was able to exercise patience. I was able to say I was thankful to have a product that others wanted to advertise. I was able to say to myself that I was thankful even to have money at bank accounts. That I would have none of these things if I were still using. I was able to avoid personalization in that I did not see myself as the cause of the negative external events. So I did not blame myself. Finally, I did not adopt a victim stance where I adopted an attitude that the situations and problems were hopeless and impossible to solve. I took small steps to deal with each one. Today I will keep correcting my thinking. I'm practicing a good recovery program simply because it works. I am so grateful I did not get drunk yesterday. I feel as if I've got a great chance of staying sober again today. It's been working for 31 years, 3months, and 25 days.

by: Clean 5 months, 1 week ago
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wow. it's so funny to realize that others have had those days like me, awesome

by: Bobbie1959 5 months ago

There is a very simple maxim, but Wise that says “The Problem is not the problem, the PROBLEM is as You react to the problem. ”
Simple but efficient ...

by: jasand 5 months ago
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Yes and thanks Jasand. I sometimes introduce myself as "I'm an alcoholic named Clean and my problem is Me." Love the saying "First thought wrong." AA has given me the ability to act upon rather than react to. Grateful for you Jasand.

by: Clean 5 months ago
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Thank you Clean. yesterday at the meeting when giving a statement I started as follows: “Good evening, my name is Jasand, today I didn't drink because I didn't want to, I didn't get into anyone's noise, not even my That is the most dangerous,
I'm an Alcoholic and the Problem is Me.". Being aware that the problem is me, not the world, the neighbor, the wife, the giraffe, strengthened the vows of Step 1 and for the first time I forgave myself and began to love myself. I keep going, slowly and always. Grateful for You all.

by: jasand 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Oh man, I can’t believe I missed this note. Gotta read it again. Hang on!! Oh Clean, sounds like a horror story!

by: Jennifer0208 5 months ago

Oh dear,what a day!! I’m so sorry you had such a rough day!! You’re amazing. First off gosh you’re so funny. Seriously, what else could possibly go wrong?? You did it, you stayed sober. No surprise to me. Thanks for sharing. I’m hopeful tomorrow is better!!!

by: Jennifer0208 5 months ago
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Hi Jenn, You know I do think it's kinda funny now, but when I was going through it, it was soooooo serious. Probably lesson in there for me, that what seems like a tragedy when going through it might just turn into a comedy with time. Actually, I had also pretty much forgotten everything that happened that day already. Had I got drunk over it, I am sure I would have remembered that and probably would still be going through consequences from that. Grateful for you.

by: Clean 5 months ago