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tips on detoxing from caffeine?

created by: Missj89 6 months ago

I quit alcohol with very little physical consequences as I didn't binge drink every day. however I am trying to cut out caffeine and I feel awful. I drink caffeine products heavily. any tips on how to slowly cut out and transition without getting sick? I'm mainly cutting down to help deal with some insomnia issues I've had this year.

by: Missj89 6 months ago
replying to Missj89

Try following the SoberTool Method with regard to caffeine?

by: anonymous 6 months ago
replying to anonymous

not really because it's not like with alcohol where I'm worried about relapsing for my overall wellbeing. I'm trying to cut down on caffeine gradually to not deal with withdrawal symptoms.

by: Missj89 6 months ago

I’m right there with ya, so I don’t have any advice. But I definitely want to follow along in case someone else does! 😊

by: Desilee 6 months ago

I tried to quit caffeine one time and it gave me horrible headaches. It is possible to come off of caffeine but keep some Tylenol or aspirin near by. I get migraine headaches anyway due to a traumatic brain injury but coming off of caffeine made them worse.
We have all been through much worse withdrawal than caffeine, though, so it can definitely be done! Good luck!

by: Kathy 5 months, 2 weeks ago

hi. My intake of caffeine has skyrocketed since I quit drinking 18 days ago. I even drink it before bed. I am going to try the "remove one cup at a time system" You take it slow and stop having caffeine at the same time every day for a month then push it backwards.
I hope this helps. I am starting today with a coffee after evening meal being the last caffeine "shot".

by: sharon 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Perhaps try substituting a small amount of decaf for caffeinated in later in the day coffee and taper down. I quit caffeine in my early 30s and it was hard to do....those headaches! The key to avoiding them for me was a taper and lots of water. You can gradually get to a more decaf than caf coffee.

by: Sassyrocks 5 months, 1 week ago