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Bad Day...but Actually a Great day because I'm still sober

created by: Clean 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Today I had a bad day. I got caught in two traffic jams that lasted for an hour and a half and made me an hour late to a college football game. When I finally got to the game, a drunk kept standing up in front of me on every key play. And when I later checked google news, the top headline disclosed who won the U.S. Open, so the outcome of the match I recorded was ruined. And my non-driving, 87 year old mother "needed" me to give her a ride to visit my hospitalized father who can't walk anymore. BUT in reality, this was a great day because I was not the drunk that caused the two traffic crashes that injured innocent people that caused the traffic jams that made me late. And I was not the drunk who obnoxiously ruined the game for other fans. And I was able to accept soberly and serenely Google news ruining the tennis match. And I am able to help my parents. ALL because I did not pick up the first drink or drug. If I did not have a solid recovery program, I would have gotten rip roaring drunk today, and here I am able to write this hopefully as an inspiration to someone, I am able to go to sleep in my own bed and not a jail cell or hospital room. And even though I am exhausted right now, I will be able to wake up tomorrow without a horrific hangover or any other consequences hanging over my head and able to start refreshed a new day. So Blessed. What a great day!

by: Clean 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Congrats on what a GREAT day you had! Any day sober, beats the alternative, every day!
thanks for sharing!

by: Newbee73 5 months, 2 weeks ago