Things Don't Change, We Do

Problems will always occur. That is life. That doesn't change. As one problem dissipates, another replaces it. However, we can change how we respond to problems. A recovery program helps us change so we can positively respond so we don't turn problems into trouble. Examples of daily PROBLEMS: (a) My neighbor hates my dog. (b) My eyesight weakens. (c) The internet connection fails. How I turn PROBLEMS into TROUBLE: (a) I let my RESENTMENT at my neighbor cause me to yell at my neighbor. (b) I let my STUBBORNESS and DENIAL keep me from getting glasses. (c) I let my ANGER at the internet provider cause me to throw a chair at the router and go get drunk. SOLUTION: Changing my responses from anger, stubborness, and resentment to UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTANCE help me solve problems, not create trouble. Doing the 12 steps (particularly step 10) is a great way to keep character defects from interfering with our lives.


Today I won't let problems become trouble because I won't let my character defects (like anger, resentment and denial) interfere. If I feel a character defect begin to pop up, I will pause, breathe, and remember that character defects only turn problems into trouble. I will also remember that character defects make me feel bad and stressed and that these bad feelings can lead to a relapse.