Fake it til you make it

So you're asking me to turn my life and will over to a Higher Power - something that I cannot even know exists with my five senses. Your answer: That's right. Your five senses have only indicated that you are an addict without hope, so it's time for you to believe. Believing is more important than what you can sense with your five senses. Once you believe, you will feel spiritual power and that will keep you from picking up the first drink or drug.

You must have faith in the program of recovery, even if you don't understand it. Start by just showing up. Go through the motions even if you don't believe in it. Give it a chance to work.


Don't worry what you believe right now, just try doing recovery. Also, don't worry about what anyone else thinks so long as what you are doing keeps you sober. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask for peace and sobriety.