You are worth more than that.

If you start using again, you are selling yourself short. You are allowing your disease to beat you and destroy your life. You are going to have even more horrible consequences than you had the last time. You know all this, but you still feel like picking up. You know everything that you will lose, but you still feel like picking up. You are willing to give up your children, your friends, your family, your career, just to feel the effect of that drug. You feel like there is no way to stop picking up that drug even though you know everything that you will lose. So you tell yourself you will stop at three drinks, or you'll go straight to a meeting after you take a hit. You know that these are lies, but you tell yourself them anyway.

When you are in this frame of mind what can you do to avoid picking up the first drink or drug?


Remember that you are worth more than a hopeless addict. Remember that you deserve to stay sober. Remember how much you love your children, spouse, family. Remember how good it feels to be able to get to work on time. Remember how sick you feel with a hangover. Remember vomiting and lying about where you have been. Remember the money you have spent for lawyers, court costs, bar tabs, and drug deals. Remember how great it feels to be healthy and able to feel clean and sober. Take a deep breath, say a prayer asking for sobriety. Call or text someone to see if you can help them. Say the third step prayer and the 11th step prayer. Remember you are worth more than that. Remember that you have the potential to serve your Higher Power if you don't pick up.