Everybody has a different bottom

Many people relapse. Perhaps it's because many have not hit bottom or clearly see bottom. Bottoms are different for everyone. They cause one to cry out that one is lost. When one does this, God answers and the result is a sudden and momentous spiritual experience. Whether or not one recognizes this upheaval is dependent on the extent of one's depth of desperation, leveling of one's pride and openmindedness. The upheaval will likely be comforting, but it will always lead to a good result if nurtured.

Bottoms can continue even after one stops practicing his or her addicion. Don't fear them, just experience the sense of powerlessness as the beginning of positive change.


Remember that your Higher Power is always with you, but you have to be open to be aware of its presence. Sometimes bottoms are necessary for this awareness. Try to connect today through some form of reaching out like prayer or meditation.