Low expectations do not mean low optimism

We should keep expectations low about the material World providing us with all we want. But we need not be pessimistic if we remember that spiritual principles will give us more than the material World ever could. Reliance on materialism has many pitfalls because we usually do not get all that we want. Things typically don't end up exactly the way we planned.  Even if we get what we want, we usually will want more because we have learned to make acquisition of material objects the means for self satisfaction. We therefore are constantly in a state of desire or craving for more, and we become frustrated when our craving is not satisfied and bored when we have nothing to crave. Additionally, we are eventually going to be unfulfilled because we will suffer sickness, old age and death.

BUT, if we rely on spiritual principles, we don't need the attainment of material possessions to make us happy. We can enjoy life's journey because we are always satisfied in the knowledge that our loving Higher Power is with us. We are content with doing good actions regardless of what they yield. We are content with ourselves because we know we are living according to unselfishness. We are free of resentment because we rely on God's justice not ours. We don't need to be manipulative. And best of all, we don't experience continual craving for the satisfaction of our own wants. We can be truly grateful and optimistic that even during sickness we can be a good example to others. Indeed, in the face of death, we can be fulfilled and fearless knowing that spirituality can transcend our material finale.


Today, I will keep expectations about the material World providing all I want low. I will focus on communion with my Higher Power because I know that will result in peace as I try to do the next right thing.