You add as much harm to the world when you take offense as when you give offense. - Ken Keyes

I stupidly left my dog in the car on a hot day. I thought I would be back quickly, but the grocery line was much longer than I predicted. When I came back, I found him under the seat shielding himself from the sun rays.  Of course, when I reached for him, the only emotion he exhibited was joy to see me. He had taken no offense at my idiotic mistake.

There's a joke that goes as follows. If you want to find out who loves you more, put your wife and your dog in your car trunk, wait an hour, and when you open up the trunk, see who is glad to see you.

A dog does not take offense. He doesn't even have the capacity for resentment.



Today I will try to be like a dog. If someone insults me or does something against my will, I will not take offense because that will just cause me to add suffering to the rest of the world. I will not take offense because it might cause me to act out in some bad way that will hurt some innocent person. I will not take offense because it might cause me to relapse which will not only harm me but victimize many others. I will not take offense knowing that the potentially offending person has his own life experiences that have caused him to act in such a way.