You've got to be really "with it" to know that you are not "with it."

This morning my brain was playing a tennis match between whether I was justified to act in response to a resentment I had against my friend. In my mind, I toyed with the idea of how I was going to treat him: with hateful lecturing, by telling him to change, by asserting my rights, by even telling him I would not speak to him again. I finally realized after sharing my thoughts with my Sponsor that letting a resentment rule my actions was just stinking thinking. It was black and white thinking. It was making too big a deal out of a temporary hurt feeling. I finally realized that my attitude was the issue and not my friend. I finally got with it enough to know that my stinking thinking was not with it. And fortunately, I got with it before I said something to my friend which would have only damaged our relationship.

Another time when I got with it was when I finally realized that I was not with it enough to control my drinking all by myself.   


Today ask yourself if you are thinking or doing something that is out of control. When your brain starts tempting you to act in reaction to a negative thought like anger or resentment, tell yourself that you are not "with it" and seek some guidance on a better way to think. Remember that stinking thinking is relapse thinking and that it is more important to quickly step back and tell yourself that you need to change stinking thinking to positive thinking.