We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spirits having a human experience

I like to connect with people spiritually. I spend so much time connecting with others in business. So rarely do I allow others to see my GOOD SPIRIT. It's easier for me to show my spirit to my non-judgmental dog. I used to drink to let my guard down. I felt less self conscious drunk. But I got in trouble and sick from drinking. And it was a false spirituality because it wasn't me. Especially if I feel anxious or alone, connecting with others spiritually helps.

Remembering that I am more spiritual than human alleviates the self flagellation that occurs when I make human mistakes. It also helps me remember that it is more important to fulfill my spirit by implementing spiritual concepts than it is to implement self centered concepts to fulfill my material wants.



Today I will try to let people see my good spirit. I can try this with anyone. Perhaps carrying a smile or a gentle facial expression is a good place to start. If my spirit is troubled, a good place to show it is at an AA meeting with a therapist or with a Sponsor because they are non-judgmental and can give me guidance on repairing my Spirit.