Sobriety Concepts that Work for Me

1. Not worrying about getting your way.

2. Not worrying about what others think about you.

3. Not measuring yourself.

4. Not worrying about being smart.

5. Finding the beauty in the moment.

6. Accepting change.

7. Having faith in an ultimate justice.

8. Knowing you are forgiven.

9. Believing you will experience eternal joy after your body dies.

10. Knowing pain will pass.

11. Being grateful.

12. Having perspective.

13. Eliminating fear.

14. Not controlling situations and others.

15. Not letting others control you.

17. Trying to act out of love.

18. Not needing to get everything done while not procrastinating.

19. Trying to do activities that promote physical, mental, spiritual and enotional balance.

20. Having structure yet maintaining flexibility.

    21. Knowing that you are loved by something or someone unconditionally.

    22. Having an appropriate sense of humor by laughing at confusing situations rather than crying over them by   seeing life as a comedy rather than a tragedy.

    23. Not letting our emotions get us into trouble.

    24. Distinguishing between wants and needs.

    25. Not letting winning be the most important thing.

     26. Connecting with someone else who is in recovery.

     27. Connecting with a power that keeps me sober that forces me to practice spiritual faith.

     28. Spiritual principles like acceptance, truth, forgiveness, unselfishness, love.



Today I will try to exercise these rules especially during difficult moments by finding which rule I am not following.