Key to the Kingdom

It takes a conscious effort for me to maintain  my spirituality in this material world. Have been doing better at it past few days and life is better. My consciousness is grateful faith in Him. That things will all work out. That the outcome will not be as important in 10 years as it seems now...that  material stuff is a transient egotistical illusion and that my eternal, indominitable Spirit is  real. This is the key to the Kingdom. Most never seem to get the Key. I can grasp it for awhile then I drop it when some material stressor pops up.  Then, just in the knick of time, it is given back to me by the Father so I don't drink and I return to joy. 


Spiritual actions (like making coffee at meetings, and helping and getting help from others, 12 steps) open my hand so that I can grasp the key to the kingdom that my Father constantly tries to hand over to me.