Be in this World but not of it

Don't get down for too long if something happens that throws you out of whack. Remember that we are spiritual beings within a human frame. The body breaks but not our spirit. Nothing and no one can break our spirit. Only alcohol, drugs or some other addictive behavior can break our spirit. The most important thing we can do today is not picking up the first drug! It is a good day if we don't pick up the first drug!


If you are craving to drink or use because of the physical or emotional pain caused by people, places, or things, REPEAT: "I will not let that person make me use!" or "I will not let that situation make me use!" or "I will not let that thing make me use!"  They cannot ruin your life. Only you can ruin your life by picking up the first drink or drug. THEN CALL SOMEONE AND TELL THEM YOU FEEL LIKE PICKING UP A DRUG.