Loyal or co-dependent?

Do you know whether you are being loyal or codependent? Loyalty is a healthy allegiance and collegiality with another for mutual benefit. Co-dependence is an imbalanced debilitating relationship born from a misperceived need rather than love.  Usually one party gets hurt more than another in a co-dependent relationship.  The co-dependent person thinks that he is actually helping the other whereas the truth is that the co-dependent person is hurting the other person by making excuses for the other person and doing what the other person should be doing for himself. True sobriety involves eliminating codependence. Realizing that we are not responsible for another's happiness is very important to the peace of mind necessary to not picking up the first drink or drug or harmful behavior. 


Today I will be on guard for letting someone else take advantage of me. I will stop myself if I can see that the results of my trying to help another person is actually weakening that person. Most of all, I will not allow myself to be victimized.