Suffering? Become a Lake

The Glass of Salt Water

A wise old man asked a young man, who was very sad, to put a hand full of salt in a glass of water and drink. - How does it taste? asked the Master. - Bad. said the apprentice. The Master smiled and asked the young man to take another hand full of salt and take it to a lake. The two walked in silence, and the young man threw the salt into the lake. Then the wise old man said, "Drink some of this water. 
As the water ran down the young man's chin, the old man asked, "And now, how does it taste?" - Very good! said the apprentice. "Do you taste the salt?" asked the Sage. - No! The wise man then sat down next to the young man, took his hands and said, 
"The pain in one's life does not change. But the taste of pain depends on where we put it. When you feel pain, the only thing you should do is increase the sense of everything around you, and give more value to what you have, than to what you have lost ... 
Pain is inevitable, but the suffering, or the emphasis and priority you spend on pain, is optional. It is to stop being a glass, to become a lake.

The A.A. has been helping me work out every day in order to become a Lake.


Gratitude now! Even if I have lost, I will be grateful for having had. I will increase my sense of everything in my life and give more value to what I have than what I have lost or lack.