Recovery Songs


It comes back and stabs you every time you say you quit.


I was really cruisin', just doin' fine. Even got my drivers license back, started gettin' what was deservedly mine, So I celebrated by relapsing all over my Harley and now I'm doin' time, That jail sure gets cold in the winter, and that Big Guy keeps givin' me the eye. Just got that promotion, makin' 200 grand a year, But had no time for those AA meetings, and somehow came back all that fear, So I relapsed all over my Ferrari, and now I'm doin' time, that jail sure gets cold in the winter and that big guy keeps givin' me the eye. So I got just one thing to say: when things start goin your way, don't forget to hit your knees and pray, and remember your Higher Power is in charge today. So you don't relapse all over your graveyard, and eternally do your time, cause Hell sure stays cold forever, and that Devil won't stop givin' you the eye.

This time I'll be Fun

This time I'll Be Fun. This time I won't run. This time I will come home straight to you. This time I won't get drunk. This Time I'll be straight as a monk. This time I'll come home straight to you. Sometimes I know you must wonder how lovin me was your greatest blunder, but I am here to tell you I have changed. And just to prove it to you baby, I'm gonna buy you that new oven range. And This time I'll Be Fun. This time I won't run. This time I will come home straight to you.

That Train

That Train is runnin' around in my brain

Live in Today

I live here in my beautiful box, someday I might even get a door that locks, and a sign that says, Live in Today."....Maybe someday you can come over and play. I did my taxes today, couldn't figure out what to pay, so I just wrote a check that said "Live in Today." What do you think of my philosophy, don't really care if it can't be marketed. So many people worry their days away, so I just tell em, "Live in Today.".....

You Really Sounded Like You Knew What You Were Talkin About

Your vocabulary was perfect. I understood every word. Yeah, you really sounded like you knew what you were talkin' about

Jimmy is Floating Away Now

Diamonds, ski trips, a five car garage, Steaks, season tickets, a weekly massage, They found him dead in a motel bathtub, Overdosed after docking at his exclusive yacht club. Jimmy is floating away from us now. All his friends can do is wonder how....