About This App

SoberTool is a fast, free, and effective tool to help you stay clean and sober.

Developed by a Harvard educated licensed chemical dependency and certified alcoholism and drug counselor, this app is for recovering Alcoholics and Addicts and anyone who wants to stay clean and sober or free from a bad habit. It gives you free, immediate help at your fingertips.

Cravings can attack unexpectedly, and sometimes you cannot reach anyone, but you can always touch your smart phone, tablet, or other device. If you get the urge to relapse, just touch this app and you will see a message to help you stop craving and deal with the specific issue that is causing your craving. You should also use this app each day even if you do not feel like relapsing. Just touch a question on the main page, and follow along for a helpful message relevant to issues that you are currently experiencing. You can also opt for congratulatory rewards and automatic daily messages.

This app is for you if you:

SoberTool is also extremely useful for treatment centers, hospitals, addiction counselors, psychologists, social workers, chemical dependency counselors, psychiatrists, 12 step sponsors and other therapists who need a resource for finding answers to common issues experienced by their patients.

This free App is based on proven techniques and authored by a Harvard educated, licensed chemical dependency counselor and internationally certified alcohol and drug counselor who personally has over 26 years of uninterrupted sobriety. Some of the materials in this App contain theories related to cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness training, 12 step practice, stress reduction techniques, and motivational enhancement therapy. It also contains slogans commonly heard at 12 step meetings and during other therapy sessions. This App is not a substitute for treatment!

SoberTool respects your privacy! Neither this website nor the SoberTool mobile applications collect or require you to provide any personal information.

This app is easy, fun and fast. It leads you to specific answers to specific problems you are currently experiencing and all you have to do is touch its prompts. It even has a reward system! You can also choose to receive a daily recovery message. The mobile app even has a Search Engine you can choose to find helpful answers to sobriety threatening issues.

Disclaimer: None of the information in this App creates a counselor patient relationship or should substitute for any other forms of therapy. The User waives the right to make any claims against Author, Developer or any other party for any misinterpretations or any injuries claimed from the use of this App. This App is not therapy or treatment and does not substitute for therapy or treatment. Although the intent is to eventually make this App a charitable orgaization under applicable laws, it is currently not a charitable organization such that donations are not tax deductible.

Remember, every addict has two brains: a "dirty brain" and a "clean brain." The "dirty brain" wants to drink, use, or someway act out which ultimately causes trouble. The "clean brain" wants to stay clean and sober and free from trouble. This app causes us to use our "clean brain" particularly when our "dirty brain" invades. It substitutes the threatening thought with a truthful, rescuing thought. It changes our perception of a situation from something distressful to something manageable and even positive. It does this with ease and speed.