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Hello , alcoholic here

Stay Strong !! remember to get to the the top of the hill sometimes we need to stop and breath, and enjoy how far we have made it, see what has change around you. grasp that change and use it to fuel you to the next breather. remember we all need to take our time if we rush we fall...1 day at a time my friends.

@ Ashamed

Get help, like treatment, AA, etc. You can't do this alone.


Have wanted this for a very long time. have been back and forth with my sobriety over several years. Just trying to become the best version of myself, for me.

Can't sleep

There has been a lot thrown at me this week. It is 2:07 am and my mind is racing about everything! I read today's devotions and found this wonderful app. I am trying to take action and refocus my mind. I have made it 31 days thanks to God and my wonderful friends I have made in treatment. 


why can't I stop drinking I think to myself today's the day I quit then I go buy some more wine and the cycle begins again. 🙁


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Sober for 2 years today, best I have ever feLt since i was 14 i continue to grow learn and fight for myself daily. I take classes to become better i inspire others and support them as much as possible. I love life and myself and will never go back to that life. If i can do it so can all of you and if yea slip get back up it can take more than once to get it right. I have been sober for 6 years then relapsed but this is only time I've been sober from all narcotics alcohol and Rx i have no narcotics or medicine that is not holistic. I'm proud of myself. 

Embarrassed and scared

After separating a year ago from my ex alcohol has become my passion. I hate it and I love it. I have other interests like tennis and hanging out with my kids. However, when I am alone I seek refuge in alcohol. I do and say things I wouldn’t normally do. I have a hard time being alone and so I go out and party instead of staying home to relax. It‘s like a secret life. As a matter of fact it must stay a secret and that is hard. I have had phases like this in my life where I freak out and ignore my pain through drinking. Then I recover for a while and get myself back together. Now I think after embarrassing myself one too many times, I should stop. I do enjoy sobriety too. It is nice to know that I’m not drinking that day, and that I don’t have to worry about going too far with my bad lifestyle choices that tend to occur, with a beverage in hand. God it’s hard, but it must stop. I can’t waste another day. 

Dear worst hangover

don’t worry about the future and dread being sober the rest of your life!

focus on the One Day at a Time and that will make a difference, even one minute at a time if it helps!

1 day sober

the start of a better life.