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Good Morning

Checking in for the first time, here. ive been on and off the wagon all summer. Thought I’d give this app a try and see if I can keep from falling off. 

@ Are there any secular...

Go to meetings ...God is specifically defind for purposes of AA...It's a Higher Power of your own understanding...God can be the Group, the 12 steps, good values, etc. It can be a combination of these things. It's whatever "restores you to sanity."  Many atheists thrive at AA meetings. 

Are there any secular A.A. meetings

hello. I am interested I going to an A.A. support group but I consider myself an athiest. ive heard of secular A.A. meetings out there but have not had any luck finding them. I live in St. Petersburg Florida. Anyone had luck with finding secular A.A. meetings ? 

Thank you all

Day 1 again

Here I am again. I am getting so tired of this cycle, but I can’t just give up. A thousand times I’ve fallen and a thousand times I’ve gotten back up. I just don’t know how many more times I can do this. I’ve been to rehabs, detox,AA, tried on my own, therapy, books classes I feel like I have tried everything. Today I will pray and hope for the best. May peace be with us all.

Day 2

I’m the mom of an alcoholic son just home from rehab. I’m trying to change the dynamic in our home. My husband and I are both high functioning alcoholics. I’m trying to stop. 

I stopped working for drugs, when drugs stopped working for me.

Day 1............ again. šŸ˜© pick myself up off the floor. Praise my higher power for another day. šŸ™šŸ»


Another Friday & my little AA family here will gather at 7:30 to share our hopes, strengths & fears. It was quite a move from big city and lots of meetings to small island and two meetings a week. But it works if you work it!

Iā€™m outrageous

everyone sees my scattered manic and scary behaviou. Except me. I do the most shameful things I am hyper jealous untrusting abusive and destructive to anyone who betrays my trust. I don’t factor my behaviour as the cause Of others treating me the way they do. I am so confused is my actions a reaction or am I just so shamed I keep putting myself into this victim role. I love getting wasted and it’s hard to stop but I have no friends no family and I’m so painfully lonely and tired of fighting. I need to get off the cycle and see what happens but man it’s not a quick process. How can I help myself and accept the help others keep telling me I’m refusing. 

Day 2

Day 2 has definitely been better than day 1, the fog has started to lift a little today, and I am less irritable.  Thanks everyone for this forum and the app.  I am going to try going to some meetings soon.  I have social anxiety, so starting with the meetings will be tough until I know enough people to feel a little more comfortable in a group setting.  It's the type of situation that I would usually have a couple of drinks before going to calm my nerves. But I have to do it.  I have to do it for my kids, my husband and myself.  Tired of not remembering my evenings with the people I love most in this world.  Thanks for listening ā™”