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Day 16..again

I am in day 16..again. i have been a black out drinker since my teens. After over 30 years of embarrassing drunken days and nights I have finally decided I can't do this alone.  I am a mom to an 8 year old...and black out nights morphed into day drinking black out days.  Awful progression of my disease.  I walked into my first AA meeting 2 weeks age 51. I was greeted warmly by like minded people without any judgment. I downloaded the soberTool app before and removed it.  This time it's back and a daily source of strength for me. I am married to a high functioning alcoholic who is not supportive of AA. He tells me..just don't drink.  I hope that this time I can be stronger than this disease..learn to navigate life without alcohol for me and my family.

Newly sober again

Beginning to see how this world works again. The power of suggestion is very strong it can send you running to the hills are it can help you through tough times. It's It's up to. My sponsor gave me a list of things to do this week and I will willingly do them. Today I gave up fighting I have surrendered and am willing to take suggestions. From hateful to heartbroken to Hopeful life is forever changing. 

Still Sober

Today I’ve got 91 days clean and sober. For ninety one days I haven’t been a slave to drugs or alcohol! I thank God for another 24 hr reprieve!!!

@Worst Hangover

Yes!!! It not only get's better, but more importantly you'll get better. I drank and did drugs for 30 years. 22  months ago I was broken and hopeless.  I was right around 30 days sober and confided in an "old timer" that  I had a drum in my head telling me to use constantly and that 24 hours was too long let alone the rest of my life. Here's what he said. Ok let's see do you work yes I said 8 hours he asked do you go to meetings yes 2 a day I said he asked do you sleep I said yes alot right now close to 10 hrs ( trying to escape). Ok let's add that up that's 20 hrs so really you only have to stay sober 4 hrs a day!! Think you can do 4 hrs a day. Yes, I said with a smile!! 22 months later I'm still smiling taking it " One day at a time". God bless you and keep you. Pray for strength and it will come!!

Trying this again

hi everyone, I am pretty desperate to get sober. And stay sober. I can’t function anymore and love a productive life at the rate I’m going. I’m ruining my life and friendships because of drinking. And it’s hard to admit but I need help.

Day 1

day one & struggling, sickness, anxiety, determined to beat the drinking, affected my relationships, work, Health, I am happy today that I have this app & Can read other people’s progress, so happy for everyone doing well, hoping I can get there one day at a time, much love 

Proud GF

83 days ago I broke down and told my bf that he had to get clean or I was leaving. We both downloaded the app and I drug test him randomly. He’s been clean for almost three months! The three month mark will be on my 33 birthday and something about that is poetic. Thank you for this app! I think seeing the money wasted helped tremendously and I know he read the messages often during the first month. Each day gets easier. Love to all!

In my head

Im in my head to much and I’m trying to get out of it. Its just to heard at times, I say the Serenity prayer over and over agai.  It helps at times, but not when I’m laying in my bed trying to go to sleep. But, I know it just one minute at a time at times, so I have to Continue to pray And stay positiv. This to shall pass

@ Day Numero Uno

Great! Keep doing the next right thing.

Day Numero Uno

First day clean. Downloaded this amazing app.  Took some tips for the day and walked to a meeting.  The beginning of a productive day!