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Today Is The First Day Of Our Lives !

created by: Issha 3 years ago

Yes! And just take it 1 day at a time! I still find myself trying to plan certain things and God reminds me that I'm not in control. He is! So let's make today our best day yet and remember to help a fellow human being. Cuz that's what it's really about , right?!?!?!

by: drberg2018 3 years ago
replying to drberg2018

Thank you drberg for that reminder of how God calms the storm.

by: Grateful 3 years ago

Thank you ... a wonderful reminder

by: Issha 3 years ago

There is a maxim that says "Relax, nothing is under your control."

My whole life I've tried to control everything my way and the result combined with alcohol was a disaster. After joining AA every time I can deliver. unreservedly, to the higher power, things settle. I learned that if I'm fine, the outside doesn't matter, the storm calms down and the Serenity guides me.

by: jasand 3 years ago