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Some Keys to Sobriety

created by: Clean 3 years ago

1, Seeing the Big Picture when tons of little things swamp us.

2. Keeping perspective. Most of my problems are not as bad as many other people's problems. Someone always ha it worse.

3. Gratitude.

4. HALT. Taking care of hunger, anger, loneliness and tiredness.

5. Allowing myself to veggh guiltlessly.

6. Helping others takes my focus off of "poor mes."

7. Knowing there is a great force that is taking careof me.


by: Clean 3 years ago
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understanding why you started the journey of soberity in the first place

by: Jas 3 years ago
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Living with uncompleted tasks.

by: Clean 3 years ago
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The 5 daily suggestions in AA:

Pray on our knees
Read the AA Literature
Call Sponsor
Call Other AA members
attend a meeting

by: VikingRee 3 years ago
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Great! These 5 suggestions have been working for me for over 31 years!

by: Grateful 3 years ago

Calling someone in AA when I have a craving.

by: Grateful 3 years ago