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Gratitude - Nothing is Trite

created by: jasand 3 years ago

This week I received two videos that talked about the Power of Gratitude.

One of them, a Doctor, teacher explained the benefits to health, well being, happiness and Peace.

I will give a summary about the subject.

“I mentioned that gratitude is one of the most spectacular feelings of the human being.

Gratitude makes everything I have right now, not what I once had or will ever have, enough to make me feel privileged.

So that I don't make something that seems trite as trite,because nothing is trite.

Whether you are reading this now, downloading this app, having access to the internet at home, at work, or passing somewhere, that seems like the most trite thing in the world, seems to be the
Most normal and simple thing in the world, but it's not.

Being Alive is not commonplace, having your brain working allowing you to be conscious, aware, talking, moving your muscles and limbs is not commonplace.

And this perception, this exercise of taking what seems basic, that seems normal and understanding that this is a great privilege, allows us to give more value to what we have. This doesn't mean you can't dream anymore, you can't want more, but definitely thinking that what you already have isn't worthwhile or worthless is a waste of being alive. And in this process of gratitude for valuing what I have i stimulate my brain,
I lower my blood pressure, thus less health risks. I release more hormones that allow my social interaction to be better, I can increase the production of neurotransmitters in my brain that has to do with the issue of happiness, decision making and better focus. The more grateful I am, the happier I am with my current situation. I am not shopping with the past, I am not looking forward to the future.
I'm here and now. And this is the only mental time that exists. When I get lost in the past or future, I increase the risk of anxiety and depression. My feeling when I'm grateful is of belonging. ”

Yesterday at the AA meeting in testimony,
I made the reflection:

Because sitting here in the meeting is a privilege, this means I had the health to come here and being here demonstrates that I am no longer alcohol’s active, I am on the journey of sobriety ... this is not trite, This is a privilege, it is a blessing.

AA has helped me to look at life with gratitude, to see the simple, to value every 24 hours I am at Peace, away from Alcohol.

And if everything I've been through serves as a spark of hope for you to embark on the journey of sobriety, it's a blessing!

If you are reading this, you are struggling to embark on a splendid journey.

Eternal gratitude for encouraging you to continue.

Much Peace, Light and Gratitude

by: jasand 3 years ago
replying to jasand

Once again Jasand, I have added your post to our daily messages. So grateful for you. Will never take your wisdom for granted. Peace and light to you.

by: anonymous 3 years ago
replying to anonymous

I thank you for providing this space to exchange experiences, strengths and hopes. Gratitude.🙏🏻

by: jasand 3 years ago
replying to jasand

I am so grateful for just being alive and sober, for without sobriety I would not be alive. Thanks for the reminder Jasand. Your Higher Power speaks through your words. Continued day at a time blessings my friend.

by: Clean 3 years ago
replying to Clean

We are together. Gratitude 🙏🏻

by: jasand 3 years ago
replying to jasand

That's why my username is Grateful! Love you Jasand!

by: Grateful 3 years ago
replying to Grateful

Love you all. We are together. 🙏🏻

by: jasand 3 years ago

Serving is a gift. You are the most important people here. It was people like you who did welcome me when I joined AA and keep encouraging me day by day to move on. Good and Serene 24 hours

by: jasand 3 years ago