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Thought I'd never get this far.

created by: Nibbles 3 years ago

How far?

by: anonymous 3 years ago

I’ve put down my beers and pot and will stay sober one day at a time. I can’t live like this anymore it’s not living.

by: anonymous 3 years ago

I couldn't conceive of being without a drink, what would life be like without alcohol, the barbecue, the parties, the weekends, how would I have fun?
Taking a blood test and being 48-72 hours without alcohol was a martyrdom. But in this journey, every 24 hours, to be without drink just for today, to be in Peace just for today, I completed 3 years and 9 months of sobriety but the most important is Today, because the time does not guarantee safe conduct if not being careful I run the same risk as anyone.

I found that it is possible to live fully and intensely without alcohol. We are together.

by: jasand 3 years ago