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Hobby/drink/sleep advice

created by: lilbug89 3 years, 4 months ago

4 days...this time, in the past few months 10 days has been my streak but I’m trying to actually be done, not how many drinks can I have before I turn

In desperate need of a hobby. I’ve cleaned, and I mean deep cleaned, my entire apartment. Now I worry the boredom will get to me. I started a good book, but not one to sit for very long. I never really had any hobbies. Any ideas for someone who seems to have little interests?

What do I drink? I’m downing sparkling waters and teas, but still find myself craving the taste of whiskey. Any ideas?

I’m not sleeping at all. I’m sure getting arrested and the fear of court has a lot to do with that. And I’ve always been a horrid sleeper, been on plenty of meds that never worked. But now I’m sweating balls and waking up every couple hours. I was thinking withdrawals, but 4 days later? Last night I woke up screaming once, terrified another, in so much sweat my ear made me feel like I was drowning, etc. The longest I got was just under 2 hours.

by: lilbug89 3 years, 4 months ago
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It's not unusual to have withdrawl symptoms at 4 days, in fact, post-acute withdrawl can last 2 years. Taking long walks or other exercise will help you transition to a sober life.

by: Parsley 3 years, 4 months ago
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Yea I need to get some motivation to do some more exercise stuff. I suppose that could be my hobby

by: lilbug89 3 years, 4 months ago
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From my experience, your withdrawal symptoms are normal. I had a similar start to my sobriety almost 10 months ago when I was arrested as well. I had a bunch of trouble sleeping and I think both the withdrawal and anxiety about the impending legal issues were to blame. Sweating is super common, too. Alcohol is a nervous system depressant so, because our body gets used to it if we drink a lot, when we stop taking it our nervous system goes into overdrive. It can take weeks to right itself, though usually it starts getting better soon.

Stay hydrated. If you've been drinking alcohol anything like I was, your body has gotten used to being perpetually dehydrated. So, it'll take some time (2 weeks is common if you're consistently rehydrating) of drinking a good amount of water and peeing more than you're used to until you're properly hydrated again. But this is huge as many other withdrawal symptoms will get a lot better once you are.

What options have you considered as far as programs go for staying sober? I'm not sure what you're looking at exactly legally, but courts are much more likely to be lenient if you're proactive about this part. And, whatever you do, comply with all orders/suggestions. Willingness to take suggestions and follow directions is huge.

I highly recommend getting into meditation. It's a part of many, if not all, addiction programs and is just generally helpful with all of life's issues. It will likely be tough at first because we're always bad at new things, and alcohol withdrawal will make it tougher to chill out initially. Stick with it. I use the Insight Timer app as my main source of guided meditations but there are plenty of others.

FWIW, my path has included an IOP session, AA, and meditation. A lot of walking, as well. I'm 45-50 lbs lighter, I feel great, and I am interacting with people so much better than I did while drinking. And my mental state is like night and day. Programs for sobriety help address the BS going on in the mind that leads to wanting to drink. Dealing with that stuff improves life even more than just losing the alcohol.

by: NoStinkinThinkin 3 years, 4 months ago
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Programs? At a loss. I tried AA a couple years ago and everything here was mostly men which I later found out I wasn’t really welcomed cuz u can’t have a sponsor of opposite sex. I had looked at some virtual stuff then, but I’m sure there’s a lot more options after covid. Someone mentioned an online app a few comments down I’m going to try. I’ve tried to stop googling and just look on reddit or forums to not get over it before I start.
My psychiatrist has tried prescribing a couple anticraving meds, but I can drink past them.
I’ve talked to my local places and told them not to sell/front me alcohol.
I’ve given my bf my debit card so I don’t have access to my account.
These are all things I’ve done sober. Get a couple drinks in me, and where this a will there’s a way, so we will see.
This app is my favorite so far. Even in comparison to one I paid for.

I got arrested for public drunk in February, probation, then arrested again for same thing last week so I already messed that up. My first court date is in 2 weeks. Well everything keeps getting delayed cuz of covid.

But I lost my id and phone so like hella f’d for the moment as far communication till Wednesday.

Meditation/better habits is the next thing I want to try.

by: lilbug89 3 years, 4 months ago
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First I wanna say good job on 4 days! That's not an easy thing when you feel like shit. I would suggest meetings and getting a sponsor. That will definitely keep you busy. I have an app called In the Rooms and theres meetings on there all day. No zoom logins or passwords. You just login to the app and click on a meeting. You can mute yourself and turn off your camera if you just wanna listen. They also have attendance verification that they email you so you show court that you have gone to meetings.
I took like 3 to 5 hot showers a day at first. That's the only thing that would make my body feel better. I like to color so I would color and do puzzles. Anything to keep your mind busy. Prayer and meditation. I also logged onto sobertool daily and would read my daily message and look for others to read depending on how I was feeling. Hang in there. It will get easier.

by: drberg2018 3 years, 4 months ago
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Awesome. Thank you.

by: lilbug89 3 years, 4 months ago

Eeek...I don't miss that. My sheets would be soaked in sweat from the withdrawals. Id get maybe 2 or 3 hours of sleep. I would shake bad I'd wake myself up. Sometimes I'd wake up yelling. Its all part of withdrawals and is normal, but can be dangerous. Maybe you should be getting supervised detox? I probably should had gotten help on my last bad binge. The withdrawals were horrible. There is nothing wrong with getting help! It gets better!

by: BayAreaSober 3 years, 4 months ago
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I checked into that last time and it’s pretty impossible to get into. Metro Atlanta and one place to check into which is like 2 cities over. I’ve stayed over night in a hospital, but they dope me up so much I just end up barely being able to function. My bf is here with me so I’m not completely alone. I don’t shake or feel bad, but I also don’t get hangovers so it might be coming later.

by: lilbug89 3 years, 4 months ago

check out my recovery lesson @ Damien A.A brown @ you tube

by: Damien559 3 years, 4 months ago

it's a mental obsession keep trucking on brother it gets better.

by: Damien559 3 years, 4 months ago

Oh and Nostinkinthinkin is right about court. When I had court last year, the judge was really happy that I had already gone to rehab and staying in sober living and going to meetings and working the steps. I also worked and volunteered at an animal shelter. I did all this on my own without anyone making me. It definitely looks better but it feels much better to do the right thing. I did those things because I wanted to. Not cuz someone was making me. Good luck!

by: drberg2018 3 years, 4 months ago

lol I typed almost an essay and my phone rotated 😂. everything disappeared

by: AvitoPereira 3 years, 4 months ago

hobby - walks , running , pet dog , pet cat , meditation , traveling (does not have to have a real reason to travel , just go for sightseeing )
drink - tender coconut water
sleep - try to have a non - changing sleeping pattern . have a productive day . eat dinner prior to to 2 hours before sleeping .
final advice - give it some time . it will get better. these are some symptoms Ur facing .

by: AvitoPereira 3 years, 4 months ago

my last binge the withdrawls lasted about 8 days, ugh I don't miss that. Everyone here has given great advice, make sure you hydrate! Your body is going through a lot right now...take walks for fresh air, eat well (for me I ate a lot once I could keep it down to make up for lost nutrition) and try closing your eyes until your body is ready for sleep. I went days without sleep due to withdrawals, that was one of the hardest parts for me mentally. I also got through a felony DUI where I totaled my truck, so I get the court and legal anxiety. But guess what, 2.5 years after that incident and my trucks breathalyzer comes out this week and that entire DUI will be behind me, I made it and life went on. You will get through it, just don't start drinking again.

by: Jake805 3 years, 4 months ago