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Weird dreams

created by: Manx88 1 week, 1 day ago

Has anyone had a dream that they had drank alcohol and then woke up thanking the lord that it was actually a dream!! I was so upset with myself in the dream, it felt so so real at the time

by: Manx88 1 week, 1 day ago
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yes, several, i would guess every other week is the frequency i have them currently. it's amazing how clearly in can remember how upset i got in the dream. quite the experience. take care.

by: Kermit 1 week, 1 day ago

I've had a number of those. They are so weird. I feel myself at the turning point where I could use or not use, and I almost always choose to use. Sometimes I'm preventing from using because of some circumstance (like I cant get any place to buy substances), but I always intend on using.

I try not to beat myself up about it. It's a dream. But it reminds me that I'm still susceptible and need to keep up with my recovery program.

by: Shawn2020 1 week ago
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The key for me is to remember I am an alcoholic. Dreams are further proof of that. I doubt non alcoholics get such dreams. They remind me that I am not only consciously but subconsciously obsessed with alcohol and thus have a disease I can't control by myself. So, drinking dreams are not bad, they are good reminders and further proof of my obsession.

by: Grateful 1 week ago
replying to Shawn2020

I suppose that is the key, it’s just our subconscious minds, so no need to beat down on ourselves. We are all on some level susceptible to our substances but that doesn’t mean for on second we allow it to win! Keep going, you have got this

by: Manx88 1 week ago

Funny this should come up on the timeliness again.

I've been having very stressful dreams and night sweats over the last two weeks. It seems worse than when I was drinking.

Has anyone experienced this?

by: Indiecat 1 week ago
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Night sweats yes but I had them even when I was drinking! I found meditation eased it, plus I made sure my duvet was a lower tog and windows cracked open! Check out Michael sealey, he has plenty of sleep meditation on YouTube, some specific to alcohol and addiction.

by: Manx88 1 week ago

I quit drinking for all of 2020. in that year I constantly had these dreams. I'd have dreams that I was offered a drink and I took it. Another one was me walking to my freezer to grab a bottle of vodka. I'd always wake up ashamed of myself thinking I drank that night. The dreams were so realistic that a couple times I had to go check the freezer to make sure there wasn't an empty bottle in there. I'm a couple weeks sober and the dreams haven't started happening yet. I'm sure they will though.

by: Strength_through_healing 1 week ago

It's normal in early sobriety. Our minds are out to get us! The dis ease centers in the mind. Armed with the facts of the program those dreams can become tools. Tools used to remind us what can happen if we let up on the spiritual aspects of the program. Waking up in fear that it really happened is a good thing as it shows that we still don't want to drink! The dis ease centers in the mind, so it's a constant spiritual connection that has the power to relieve the mind. We can get and stay sober despite anything or anyone, using the dream as a tool to know what to look for can help. We know where the first drink can take us. Those dreams are reminders what to look for. When we awaken and find out it was a dream if used correctly we find a relief of knowing that we can stay sober. We must remember that there's no good reason to drink, only excuses!!!

by: ChipsBDown 1 week ago

I still have them after two years. I don't have as many as I used to, but they still shake me up when I wake up 😂

by: Inubyte 3 days, 22 hours ago