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Life on lifes terms!

created by: ChipsBDown 1 week ago

I used to wonder about life and why it was so hard. Today I see that it wasn't life that was so hard it was me who was so hard, it took oldtimers the book and some work to soften me up. Now life on life's terms ain't so bad!

by: ChipsBDown 1 week ago
replying to ChipsBDown

thanks for sharing that. I will look up the book. take care.

by: Kermit 1 week ago
replying to ChipsBDown

Love oldtimers direct approach. NO B.S.. Lots of love and service. Doing coffee at AA and helping set up and clean up....being responsible for the meeting not just showing up to get taken care of. Love the old time saying, "We will love you until you can love yourself." Learned how to be sober and about true intimacy.

by: Grateful 6 days, 11 hours ago