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created by: Pemb 7 months, 1 week ago

I had a shit stressful day yesterday at work and relapsed ended up drinking and sniffing. Need find of away to deal with stress instead of turning to drink and drugs.. feeling shitty and hate myself this morning

by: Pemb 7 months, 1 week ago
replying to Pemb

Do 90 AA meetings in 90 days and don't pick up the first drink. This is the oldest and best idea. 90/90.

by: Grateful 7 months ago

Hey Pemb. Listen we have all been where you are hundreds of times. I like to think with each time it becomes more clear why we want and need sobriety and we get stronger.

This was not your time but this time you have another chance to get it right.

Sounds like you need some support and counselling to help you with temptation, triggers and stress. Stress is unfortunately always going to be a part of life so we must learn to deal with it affectively instead of hoping it will simply go away.

Try to find some help. Until then, we are all rooting for you!

Stay strong x

by: Indiecat 7 months, 1 week ago

I'm at the exact same situation and been there so many times I've stopped counting. May God bless us and we move past this.

by: QuinJadon87 7 months ago

Listen to Indie. Everyone on this forum has been where you are, in one form or another. When your time comes, you'll know it. Please, never give up. Just keep moving forward. You can do this.

by: kkdad 7 months ago

Thanks everyone means a lot, feeling more positive today and another day clean and sober.. I’m going to my local CA meeting on Monday, as last time I found that to help. I’m going be ringing the doctors as well to get my meds reviewed for my mental health..

by: Pemb 7 months ago