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created by: Jraybunny 1 month, 2 weeks ago

not sure if this is allowed or not. :/
so i went to the doctors today and they want me to start taking anti depressants. i have really bad anxiety and have had very bad reactions in the past. (i was younger though)
Anyone else on any? and did they help in recovery?

by: Jraybunny 1 month, 2 weeks ago
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I don't know how long or how much you drank but anxiety and alcoholism go hand in hand . Drinking used to put mind at ease and not much mattered.
I was extremely anxious when I was first sober my brain was in fight flight or freeze mode which also caused me to feel shaky and itchy .
Alcohol affects the nervous system and when we detox our bodies have many adverse reactions . It's like it goes into shock . Our bodies begin to heal it took many months for me to start feeling healthy.
I took lots of natural supplements and vitamins to replenish what alcohol and my poor diet .
This is an open forum and I think it's a good subject to bring up ,there will just as many for them as against them . Personally I haven't touched them as I thought taking them was just another path to avoid facing my feelings and reality . I had all the symptoms of depression and anxiety but what I found by working a program these things subsidised.
At the end of the day it's up to you if you follow the doctors suggestion anything that aids our recovery worth it and if you find in a few months time the anxiety levels have decreased you can reassess your dosage or wein off them completely.

by: AussieDrunk 1 month, 2 weeks ago
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Hi Jraybunny. If you talk to your doctor they will probably advise that you not take advice from an online forum! And so I say this with the caveat that this is not advice to you - just me explaining how that aspect of things works for me.

I have suffered with anxiety my whole life but never so much as when drinking heavily. The research supports what Aussie says, alcohol and anxiety are unpleasant bedfellows. Alcohol lowers anxiety in the short term (that initial drink or so that increases confidence, gives Dutch courage) but over time makes it much much worse.

I was prescribed an antidepressant about 6-7 years ago for a period of depression (very situational, life was falling apart as it sometimes does, I have never suffered depression before or since) and after adjusting to side effects (which went away after about 8 weeks) I discovered something amazing which was that my anxiety levels were so so much lower. So I have, after talking with my doctor, just stayed on it. I am on low does (50mg per day) Sertraline (often under the label Zoloft in the US, I am based in Europe myself) and it is routinely used for anxiety, especially social anxiety. The other thing to say is that (and this is a huge part of the reason I am seeking to live soberly) is that I know I can obliterate the anti-anxiety effects of the drug by drinking. Life is back to rumination, sleeplessness, etc.

by: cerulea59 1 month, 2 weeks ago
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Big Book says it's OK to seek outside help from doctors. Don't let a pill make you think you don't have to have to do 12 steps. We need to change our lifestyle to stay sober. Also, a lot of our brain chemistry can be changed through proper nutrition and exercise and even just knowing how to breathe properly. Be aware of any side effects from pills and let your doctor know immediately.

by: Grateful 1 month, 2 weeks ago
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Wow what a good question. Having been on anti depressants myself for a good portion of my life, here are some thoughts of MINE. They seem to help but I am always trying to get off of them. Please understand that these are strictly my views and my experience. I am not an MD. Laying aside the placebo effect, the antidepressants have seemed to help me during extremely stressful times and I am grateful for that. I am always battling the religious question: if my HP is all powerful then I should rely on God and not pills. On the other hand, God gave us brains to use and overlooking the greed factor of Big Pharma, researched and brought to market medication that may be useful. So I ask others and my HP for direction. As far antidepressants are concerned, as Grateful said, we should seek help from the medical establishment.
I will speak out boldly, however, against any and all benzodiazepines. Please be honest with your doctor and tell him/her about your addictive past. Any Dr. worth their salt will NOT put you on benzodiazepines (Xanax, klonopin, Valium, Ativan, etc.) because biologically speaking they are equivalent to alcohol in a pill. It was talking with a psychiatrist friend who said it is the the equivalent to alcohol in a pill. After years of taking them while being “sober” from alcohol I found my stinking thinking rearing it’s head in full force again. Suicidal thoughts, despair - the 4 horseman paying regular visits on a daily basis. These benzos are meant for short term use only (8 weeks max) however many doctors prescribe long term use. Do your research and speak openly with your doctor about your situation. I purposefully held back information from my doctor so she would prescribe these to me. Again, me think me clever. Not so! My alcoholism returned in full force with the use of solid alcohol.
Here is the disclaimer- I am not a medical doctor (but a chemist by trade) and please understand this is my experience. I will, however, strongly encourage anyone who is being prescribed or going to be prescribed benzodiazepines to talk openly and honestly with their doctor. Also I encourage everyone to do their research on benzodiazepines.
Thank you Jraybunny for the question- it is one I have frequently struggled with during recovery.

by: JibJab 1 month, 2 weeks ago

I started taking low dose of Zoloft (25 mg - a regular dose is easily aroung 50-100 mg) to help me suppress panick attack. In my situation, sport and nutrition wasnt enough. If you and your doctor believe that it is important, in your situation, to start antidepressant treatement, I hope you will find the right dosage/molecule. It takes sometime two, three month to find the right fit. If it does not work, it is also possible and you should not see it as a failure! If it help, this is a good opportunity to recharge your battery and to work on your recovery with a clear mind!

On another note, when I was in high school and a youg adult, I was often complaining to my family doctor about beig stressed/overwhelmed... I ended up being wrongly prescribed antidepressant, while I was, in fact, dealing with everyday struggle associated with ADHD. sometimes, woman are poorly diagnosed, and studies seem to point out that ADHD and substance abuse come hand to hand.

by: anonymous 1 month, 2 weeks ago

i basically had anxiety and depression as a kid. started smoking ,drinking at the young age of 12....(15 yr heavy drinker,im only 27)i tried to stop as a child but the stress and having almost no one to talk to made me feel as though i coupd be happy by myself if i "sepf medicated" with alcohol. by age 15 i was a guinea pig for antidepressants(i never drank while taking them) but they always seemed to have the black box warning effect on me(hence why i was asking opinions,although i kno everyone is different.) whats bugging me is i actually am trying to stay sober (im 23 days so far.2nd longest stretch) but i want to also see how long and be able to feel when the effects of all alcohol addiction is over instead of wondering if my side effects or moods are from the antidepressant(celexa). if that makes sense...sorry anxiety is makin my brain run fast. i think im going to wait on taking em. and hope my doctor doesnt get upset . i feel like alot of problems i have now could be from the past use of them but thats jus a thoery..idk..thank u guys for answering you all had very valid points and i appreciate the help! makes me feel a lil better knowing im not the only one ..

by: Jraybunny 1 month, 2 weeks ago

also. i just got off of an addictive substance,(alcohol) why should i put another one in my body...(celexa) maybe its the overthinking....

by: Jraybunny 1 month, 2 weeks ago

hi jenna!
I dont think you are overthinking at all! did you tell your reasoning to your doctor?

I understand why you want to experience how your brain works without any substance. This is worth discovering, and if you dont need antidepressant to keep you alive (because that is a different scenario), I dont see why your doctor wont encourage you to explore that. of course, having psychological support can help you navigate this new experience. Speakig from experience, I stopped my antidepressant after taking them for 5-6 years and when i stopped my shrink recommanded that I stopped drinking to avois self medicate. This helped me a lot because I had to learn to live fully everything I was experiencing. though but life changing.

also congrat on your 23 days! thats awesome, how does it feel?

by: Karolane 1 month, 2 weeks ago
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hi karolane! honestly im just feeling kinda uncomfortable . everythings stressful but im still sticking with it. im jist worried about everything ALL THE TIME. blahhh

by: Jraybunny 1 month, 2 weeks ago
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Try breathing and focussing on what's in front of you. Try forgetting about what will happen to you. What can you do to help someone today?

by: Grateful 1 month, 2 weeks ago
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hi jraybunny!

I am sorry to read that you are experiencing this disconfort. It will pass. You are loved and not alone. Please, keep us updated.

I will share something that I learned when I started to feel a lot of disconfort when I stopped drinking or taking antidepressant. Feel free to read it or not, my goal is purely to help you navigate these hard time by sharing my experience. If this is not welcome, it is so ok.

Anxiety can be triggering : any person will want to try to avoid it, me being the first. When we drink for a long period of time, our brain has to adapt some of its chemicals in consequence (because alcohol is a depressant and we need to somehow be functionnal ). This can have a major consequence on anxiety, because when we stop drinking, it can take time before it goes back to its more "calm" or at least less active state. Because it is deprived from the depressant, it goes 1000 miles per hour until it adjust back to a more substainable rythm. I dont know if this is of any confort, but I know that understandig the science behind this helped me a bit and to put this bad feeling into perspective. When my shrink took the time to brake it down to me, i was pretty much mindblown and felt more at peace knowing that this sense of dread would pass.

just so you know, I went back on antidepressant after a major event in my life, but this time without taking alcohol. there are no perfect recovery: for me, it takes time (sharing, listening, reflecting, reading, actively not drinking), honesty, detachement and understanding how addiction and anxiety interacts together. sometime, it takes a sprinkle of med, sometime, im ok without it.

by: Karolane 1 month, 1 week ago

I went off them but now back on one. I'm not against them and for me I find it helps with my depression and now just This year started to have anxiety and it helps with that as well. though I use to be on another one which I wished I never was on and has made some health problems for me. I wished I did my own research than believing what my doctor was saying at the time.

by: Chrissaw 1 month, 1 week ago