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Let's talk dollars and cents

created by: Grateful 1 month, 2 weeks ago

12539 days at ($200 per day at least in lost work pay, out of pocket for booze, drugs, increased medical, time wasted, etc.): $2,506,900. Hopefully this gives someone hope and another small reason to not drink/drug today.

What about you?

by: Grateful 1 month, 2 weeks ago
replying to Grateful

35 × 10: $350...I now think I spent more per day than $10 but that's what I put at first.

by: Surfer12 1 month, 2 weeks ago

45 days = $22,500. I put $500 per day. This includes lost opportunities, which included many lost raises, the drug of my choice, healthcare costs, wrecked car… It is a sober reminder of the financial devastation and the also a joyful reminder that I am saving more today.

by: JibJab 1 month, 2 weeks ago

I don't understand why count here something you didn't actually have, like missed opportunities to work or get a raise. Isn't it like counting chickens before they hatch. What if you got that job, but then simply didn't like it or weren't good at it, or someone else got it, even if you were so sure of it, so you left.  Just saying, I don't really understand that right now.

by: anonymous 1 month, 1 week ago
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Think about things like how you wanted to do something, like get a job, but could not because of your drinking or drugging. Also, think about jobs or career interruptions because of drinking or drugging. Both cost money, benefits, etc.

by: Grateful 1 month, 1 week ago

Minimum 1000 USD per month, but at wors 2-3 thousand USD per month. Approx.
25 years x 10 x 1000 USD = 250 000 USD, or even more.

I drank many years just out of despair and regret. Alcohol is a very cunning adversary.

Now sober 1 month, so, new hope, new possibilities.

by: rughead 1 month, 1 week ago

Think I spent most money that I saved, didn't really open new savings, some went to rewards, some to better nutrition, and some extra pocket money. But my spending habits have changed for better, I think. Good idea though, I may call it Quintos savings account, for my case as it looks...

(I don't know what quinto is, but that's how i call now my imaginary money saved via sobertool calculator, just like the sound of it)...

Just curious, if you did stay on $200 a day for drugs and alcohol, how long you think you would have lived? It is sort of a morbid question, so may as well stay rhetorical.....  you make it sound like being an alcoholic or addict was somehow professional. :)

For myself, I think maybe 60, tops.....this isn't something I can decide anyway, but I like to think that I have better chances of living pass that if I stay sober.. . So having a long road ahead to learn how, seems like a really good thing on some days... :)

Have a nice sober day!

P.s. next is a tangent, something to overlook or just pass, ... it has been awhile with me, so just sharing...

Some circular formula of sort, not sure it belongs to the topic, or that it works.... kinda, maybe.... if I am healthy, I may have time. If I have time, I may have money and may find happiness, because neither is ever guaranteed with time or equal to it, it is something my own doing can make if I have health. Time will always be greater than all of that, because it just is, i think - (parent and grave said the bard) ...  - But i have never been to jail or have major health problems (aside alcoholism), so it is a work in progress, wordy little puzzle to disprove that time is money...

Anyway.... just some deep thoughts i ocassionally sink into, thinking I can swim there, but mostly just overthink on a tangent.. :) ....

by: Vita2037 1 month, 1 week ago