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31st birthday tomorrow (sept 22)

created by: DA0523 1 year ago

My 31st birthday tomorrow will be spent sober for the first time in a very long time.
I will also be 14 days AF tomorrow and almost $300 saved. I am so thankful to wake up feeling fresh ready for a walk with my young son and to be motivated to be productive all throughout the day.

I’m looking forward to my future goals so much more and can picture things happening and being doable when I am sober. I feel like I have wasted so much time throughout my life drinking. Anyways just some thoughts as I celebrate my bday with family sober. This app is a huge support in my sobriety. Thank you all

by: DA0523 1 year ago
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super exciting, all the best for your day tomorrow. I don't think worrying about the past creates any value but probably makes us feel miserable. I don't think there is need for that. Only your actions today matter and as you already know not picking up that first drink is the best start ☺️. only worry about today, the rest will fall in place. if you have a bad day, remember there will be better days, maybe as soon as you wake up tomorrow without the hangover and guilt. enjoy a fantastic sober birthday tomorrow.

by: Kermit 1 year ago
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Thanks again for your message, Kermit!
I do find that is one of my biggest problems in my life is I do tend to focus on my past mistakes. I will try to keep that in mind when I start to have negative thoughts- that today matters most, I’m best to not drink no matter what and hangovers are the worst! Looking forward to my relaxing birthday tomorrow and then the wknd some time spent with more family. Thanks again

by: DA0523 1 year ago
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today is the day! happy birthday 🥳 so much fun to be had with no hangover. good day to reflect and be grateful. enjoy ☺️

by: Kermit 1 year ago
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Happy birthday DA0523!!! What a great way to treat yourself to the ultimate birthday gift- a life of conscious contact with God (whatever your conception). Enjoy your day and don’t worry about the past- it took the past to get you where you are today- God has you exactly where you should be right now. Eat some cake and ice cream 🍦 and enjoy the sober time with family.

by: JibJab 1 year ago
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Tomorrow is my 31st birthday, and it will be the first time in a long time that I'll be spending it sober. I've been alcohol-free for 14 days now and have saved nearly $300. I feel grateful to wake up refreshed and excited to spend the day with my young son. Being sober has given me the motivation to be productive and I'm looking forward to achieving my future goals. Sobriety has made me realize how much time I wasted in the past with drinking. Celebrating my birthday with my family, I'm thankful for the support I've received from this app. Thank you all.

by: anonymous 3 months, 4 weeks ago
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thanks for sharing 😊 all the best for your birthday 🎉🎂

by: Kermit_ 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Happy birthday! Have a great time, minus the drinks .... Make new happy memories and stories :)

Felt some guilt over past mistakes, but with time and continually improving, came self-forgiveness, and moving on, getting over it kinda... Because I have to - move on, do what I can to fix things, if not, apologize or let go. Admitting I am wrong comes with a blush all over my face, but then "at least I know" some relief.... Kept the lessons and onto making new memories and wiser choices... :)

Have a great, relaxing day! 😃

by: Vita2037 1 year ago

Happy 31st birthday!! One year wiser. I hope you have a nice day and I hope you're proud of yourself. First birthday sober is a big achievement. Mine will be in November and I'm sure I'll feel many mixed feelings, but overall, it's gonna be great to be sober.

Have a good one!! 🎂

by: gothdetective 1 year ago

happy birthday for tomorrow!! hope you have a great day🎉🎉🎉

Am really happy for you feeling so positive about the future.

by: Jamie313 1 year ago