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Lost Sense of Humor

created by: Grateful 1 year ago

I used to be a lot funnier, I had a better sense of humor in general. How do you get your sense of humor back?

by: Grateful 1 year ago
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it's OK to enjoy life.its ok to enjoy sobriety. let go and enjoy.start doing things you did as child.

by: Stoic 1 year ago
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It will come with time, and try to see humor in the little things, especially the absurdity of how people act. Just keep loving yourself, and working the steps!

by: anonymous 1 year ago
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For me it is about feeling good about myself. Focus on your health. Build confidence and just have fun. 🙏

by: Golftempo 1 year ago

Maybe it's the people you're around? Joking around is easier when you Re around people with good vibes.

by: Strength_through_healing 1 year ago

I can take life to seriously sometimes,what's going on in your life .
When im connected life is spontaneous and that where my sense of humour is ,if I'm going through life in a premeditated state I can find little humour as I've already delivered the joke before it happens.
Maybe you're just thinking to much and around the wrong audience.

by: AussieDrunk 1 year ago

We are all funnier when we are drinking. 🤣
I suspect it has to do with seratonin trying to rebalance after a king time of being artificially elevated.

by: AZSaguaro 1 year ago

Great question, I used to be the centre of comedy very funny and charming never aggressive. I feel I don't know how to act now, it doesn't come easy and I'm not as quick whitted. I'm still learning, we all are.

by: Dena 1 year ago

It will come back!! Took me a long time to gain confidence after using alcohol as a confidence booster for so long! You will find your humour again! I think I’m even funnier now!! 😁 it takes time! You got this!

by: Hayleybayley21 1 year ago

Interesting topic Grateful. Not sure I know the answer, but do remember the first time I achieved a long stretch of sobriety, my son was quite little - perhaps 7 or 8 - and he said one day - Mam, you are really funny when you drink, you are not funny now.
It broke my heart! Back then I was blacking out so often I often could not remember putting him to bed…

by: cerulea59 1 year ago

It is an interesting topic. I think it is very similar to a concern I had (and have seen many others have) when first becoming sober. Losing the ability to be comfortable talking to people. I often used alcohol as a social lubricant and rarely felt as comfortable with people sober as I did drinking.

At the end of the day, though, alcohol doesn't provide any ability I don't already have. It doesn't provide me with insights or extra vocabulary or secret knowledge on what to say to people. It simply removed or minimized my own barriers. Once sober, I was free to learn how to do that permanently. To walk without the crutch. Which is a work in progress.

I think your humor issue could be the same. Unless people were finding the actual drunk antics funny, your humor is still in there. It may have changed some due to time, new experiences, and new perspectives. But it's still there. Do you feel like access to it is blocked or really that it isn't there to be accessed?

by: NoStinkinThinkin 1 year ago


by: Bryan77 1 year ago

I went thru this as well, it's not a lost sense of humor, it's the lack of delusional courage to say whatever comes to mind.

I also used to be the funniest person in the room (so I thought) but it was because I would blurt out whatever asinine edgy thing I could to get a laugh.

I'll still make people laugh but it's more calculated and PG rated these day.

Nothing wrong with feeling this way, I would rather be a sober boring person than a drunk clown.

by: richard78 1 year ago
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Thanks Richard. I totally agree. Appreciate your comment. I don't worry so much about what others think about me too.

by: Grateful 1 year ago