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day 333, sleeping problems and such

created by: Vita2037 2 weeks ago

Was very thankful this morning, one short dog walk, more play time on grass, no rain, outdoor benches dried out, lots of quiet, felt rested, my health, family, my job, Toby, no hangover... etc.

And I dreamt too...

This was an odd thing that happened with stopping to drink. I stopped dreaming: went from lucid, vivid, incredibly colorful to none!. Slept fine in one piece, just no pictures. . Scared me at first - thinking that I really messed up my brain, then just hoped that it would even itself out over time.. Seems that it is still doing that. My smartwatch says that I get less than 5 minutes average of REM (whereas they say, should be close to 20-30 minutes, or some percentage equaling that), but 4 hours of deep sleep (that is predicted to be at 2 hours average). So they say that when a person doesn't dream that they're getting real rest. So, am really thankful for that long period of deep sleep. Thought that no dreams had to do with the amount of sleep anyway, 5-6 hours at the beginning, and managed it to over 6 hours now... When i make myself go to sleep early, then I wake in the middle of the night... It's weird that internal clock, it was like pulling-teeth difficult to go to sleep early... but am getting better, truly - could install a trumpet call for it... ... I dreamt today, it was short, doesn't even fit in a sentence, but was there...


Really am thankful for the boring problems I have.. Reminds me of that one Pharside joke, "Wendell, I am not content" 

Just curious if anyone else lose their dreaming time and did it recover? Should I worry anyway?

Thanks for reading if you did, for letting me share. Kinda boring, sorry.

Have a great Monday!

by: Vita2037 2 weeks ago
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Thanks for sharing Vita. I can't remember what happened about my sleeping during my first year sober other than I didn't wake up during the night in fearful fits sweating about what might happen to me because I said something crazy while I was drunk...about who I might have alienated, the crime I might have committed, the costly decision I may have made. I remember how I appreciated actually going to sleep rather than passing out. Grateful for you and your share this morning. I am curious about anyone else's experiences with their sleep after they became sober.

by: Grateful 2 weeks ago
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Sometimes as i drifting off im am conscious that i am falling asleep occasionally my snoring startles me and brings me back . In the morning when my alarm goes off I hit snooze 3 times ,5 minutes apart in those 5 mins naps I have the deepest sleep 5 minutes feels like hours .
Sometimes during the day and I get reminded of a dream the night before ,rarely do I wake during the night I'm in bed by 9 and up at 415 .
Every night just before I sleep I thank something and be grateful that I'm consciously choosing to sleep rather than passing out .
Being able to sleep well is one of the best gifts of sobriety.

by: AussieDrunk 1 week, 6 days ago

thanks for sharing Vita and congrats for 333 days. I am past 500 now and remember some bad drinking dreams a few months ago but other than that had my sleep generally improve a lot and still have it change somehow as I keep improving workout times, nutrition and what i do before bed. big impact was leaving my phone outside the bedroom and reading a book in bed instead of doom scrolling. my brain thanks me by actually shutting down. my Fitbit also shows a dramatic improvement in resting heartbeat, in my case from 75 to 60 avg and the sleep patterns are healthier for sure. the dreaming can be vivid now but hasn't always been like that. it's been less than a year, your body and mind keep adapting. i don't think there is anything to worry. anyway good work and. let's keep going. there is so much more to learn and explore. 😊

by: Kermit 1 week, 6 days ago

Vitaaaa, you're posting again you absolute legend! The dreaming thing is not so strange, but dreaming while drunk is the most restless dreams you can have. You never truly rest and feel rested. I do remember those dreams are the weirdest, it's the same when you have dreams while you're sick. I usually don't have dreams anyway (sober or otherwise). The rare times I do have them, they are rarely something nice. They are usually stress dreams, haha. So, personally, I prefer to just sleep and not dream. If I want to really dream, I can always wish for the things I want and imagine them. ✨✨✨

Congrats on 333 days, what a beautiful number, I think it's also a beautiful angel number too! Today, it's 320 for me. Sounds like 420. 😂🤙

by: gothdetective 1 week, 6 days ago

Thank you for your responses.

.... that lack of dreams really surprised me. Have been fascinated by them I suppose, magical realism of sort or glimpse of subconscious. Now they rarely happen and they're short and about daily life (did have a drinking dream, that turned nightmarish)...

And you are right, the dreams I had actually were exhausting, my brain wasn't shutting off. It's so much better now, really nothing to complain. Do read books before sleeping and pray....

Started exercising daily after work in July, and been going to sleep earlier since. Sleep time went above 6 hours, maybe that is where it'll stay ... i don't know. As long as I don't wake and I get to go sleep - not pass out, it is all very good.

And so ... have a nice day, really appreciated your responses:)

by: Vita2037 1 week, 6 days ago

333, what a great number Vita. Way to go! Hmm, I wonder does this have to do with not waking up so much - alcohol always makes me pass out and then wake up fitfully for the rest of the night. Maybe you are just sleeping better. I often wonder about this - given that REM occurs regularly and is associated with dreams, how many wonderful dreams do we miss? You can’t possibly store all of them, and I have always understood that we need to wake up soon after a dream to remember it. But that can’t be correct either as sometimes there are flashbacks to dreams.
I had to look up Wendell, I do not think I would be content either - just look at him!

by: cerulea59 1 week, 5 days ago

Can't believe I misspelled The Far Side !? Silly.

It could be that I dream but don't remember. I have good faith that all that will settle or restore to how it is supposed to be, if it isn't already. I just have to keep healthy, not drink coffee late in a day, etc.. .

How are you doing Cerulea? What is helping you the most? Those days at the beginning are so hard, went through them a few times too. The calendar goes on its own, wish you're staying sober today. :)

by: Vita2037 1 week, 5 days ago
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I’m doing good, thank you, happy to have made it to day 12 today. A bit boring, work, more work, not much fun, but sober for now 🙃

by: cerulea59 1 week, 4 days ago
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Congratulations Cerula. ODAAT!

by: Grateful 1 week, 4 days ago
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Great job…all things level out. Time (whatever that is) seems to heal many wounds. Keep up the right thinking cerulea59!

by: JibJab 1 week, 4 days ago