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Dreaming that i am drinking.5 nights in a row now.subconcious cravings.crazy how the mind works.

created by: Stoic 10 months ago

Bro that is not a hall pass from the universe

by: garbkas12 10 months ago
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Kidding but yea dreams are weird. Stay dry broski

by: garbkas12 10 months ago
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This too shall pass .. stay sober no matter what :)

by: Sirohi 10 months ago

"this too shall pass" is one of my favorite responses to my own worries these days, thanks for bringing it up. I have been having some intense dreams at different stages of sobriety and while the drinking in there upsets me I now try to forget about it as soon as I wake up. the less I think about it the less power I give it is my strategy. but yes it's surprising how intense these can get. I might have had stretches over a few weeks until they went away again. hang in there. 🤗 this too shall pass.

by: Kermit 10 months ago

craving badly these days.i know the Christmas party is soon.

by: Stoic 10 months ago
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Stay in today. Don't think about the future. Fear is thinking you will get your feelings hurt in the future. Its OK to miss the party or just be nice and leave whenever you want. Last party I went to I was nice to everybody, but they delayed serving dinner, and everyone seemed to be getting bombed, so I simply left. I had parked a car that was not boxed in so I could. I happily ate dinner at home with my dog. Sobriety is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I DO. THE RESULTS OF MAKING sobriety the priority are no more fear of financial insecurity or fear of my family hating me or fear of going to parties. The 12 Promises on page 83 of the Big Book have come true for me. Thank you for honestly sharing your feelings Stoic.

by: Grateful 10 months ago