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Going to rehab

created by: Queen8 10 months ago

Heading to detox Monday and rehab after. I have no idea what to expect, I’m just ready to break this chain. I don’t want to be away from my family and job (I really love my job) but I want and need freedom from this hell.

by: Queen8 10 months ago
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Hello Queen8,
Let us know how it goes today. You are doing the next right thing.

by: JibJab 10 months ago

Your bravery is something to be extremely proud of.For me I feel commitment and sacrifice is two sides of the same coin, when I was struggling early in sobriety it helped to remind myself of that. Being committed to not drinking no matter what has been the best sacrifice I have ever made for me and the one's I love, and has turned into the greatest gift. I wish you the best in your recovery, may Monday be the beginning of the best days of your life ❤

by: Farmerjames4 10 months ago

I am excited for you and send thoughts of patience and strength.

by: Tiredand60! 10 months ago

I admire your commitment Queen8, I hope things go well for you. Keep us posted

by: cerulea59 10 months ago

That’s SO incredible. I am just like you. I decided to leave nyc to go to rehab (and come back to Louisville, KY, where I’m from and where my family is) about 40 days ago, and it’s the best decision I ever made.

It was terrifying to make that decision, call my parents and admit my addiction (confirm it but they didn’t know about the drugs, just alcohol) after ten years of use, tell all my friends, go into rehab, leave rehab and come back, and THEB stay.

But it’s so fucking worth it. I believe in you Queen8. If a stubborn, know-it-all, wild woman like me can do it then so can you.

PS- I’m 56 days sober today 😀😀😀. So excited for the change you’re making. Here for you if you need me!

by: AlyssaAddict 10 months ago
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Congratulations Alyssa on 56 days! I am constantly learning about the surprising power of prayer too!

by: Grateful 10 months ago

Best of luck with your sober journey! You did the first and most important step, you got this!

by: gothdetective 10 months ago