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Relapse due to trauma need help

created by: Chrisjew 4 months ago

I crushed my arm at work, almost had it amputated in October 22. Less than a year later I am no longer on any pain meds have any kind? Sadly, I just can’t stop drinking like a lot. This is my first day sober. My last drink was yesterday at six never would’ve been back on drugs or alcohol, if I didn’t crush my arm I would’ve never been drinking alcohol a lot. It just help take the pain away to make me not even care that I have 10% use my right arm. There’s anyone out there that can help me add appreciate it very much. I’m gonna end up killing myself if I can’t stop drinking.

by: Chrisjew 4 months ago

Thank you for posting Chris. Talk to the medical team treating your arm. Sometimes they can speed up the process of getting you admitted into a treatment facility. Stay in touch with your treating physicians and let them know you need to get off the booze and pain meds.

by: BrianC 4 months ago
replying to BrianC

I talk to my lawyer today and he advised me that if that’s the route, I wanted to take then he needs to know before hand and find the best possible place for me to go sadly I was 5 years clean off drugs, like meth, and heroin.. I know I can stop. I just need like that 30 days should have a longer but my family can’t handle a six month long rehab and thank you for commenting.

by: Chrisjew 4 months ago
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Do it. I know that it will be hard, but your health and sanity are worth it.

by: Nakia 4 months ago
replying to BrianC

I have an appointment on Friday I will talk to him about everything thx

by: Chrisjew 3 months, 3 weeks ago
replying to Chrisjew

You are inspiring me to have courage and patience today. Thanks for sharing Chris.

by: Grateful 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Wishing you all the best Chris in your difficult situation, and the strength to beat this disease, again. we're routing for you ❤️

by: Cemlo 4 months ago

Prayers for you. Thanks for the reminders about how drinking only turns one problem into two problems, how eventually it makes pain worse, how it’s easier to stay sober than it is to get sober, and how important it is not to ever pick up the first drink no matter what. That said, I have seen many people with facts like yours regain their sobriety by letting go and doing whatever it takes to immerse themselves in appropriate treatment. For me it included the free, daily involvement in AA.

by: Guy 4 months ago

Hold on to hope, Chris.

by: Pontoof66 4 months ago

thinking of you Chris. sending you strength to stay positive and sober.

by: Kermit_ 4 months ago

I'm feel what you're going through find what will help you get sober and treatment for sure is an option since you have mentioned is one they'll be able to help get you back on track. you can do this and you will get sober you did it before you can do it again. 🙏🤗

by: anonymous 4 months ago

14 days clean and sober. Thanks to all you that have helped me with there words. Still hard with the family thinking I have to be baby sat. 24/7 but I know it. Only for a little while

by: Chrisjew 3 months, 3 weeks ago
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Thanks for sharing Chris and congratulations on 14 days. Keep going day at a time. I know it takes patience to get through sobriety recovery and your arm recovery. You are a great example for me today.

by: Guy 3 months, 3 weeks ago

thanks for the update Chris. glad to read that you have an appointment as well coming up. there is always sunshine after the rain. one day at a time. looking forward to reading from you again.

by: Kermit_ 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Great news Chris, wishing you all the best 🙏

by: Cemlo 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Over 30 days sober. My next surgery comes up on 14 July where they’re going to prescribe me heavy pain meds again hopefully I can use them as needed and not as an addict. This is the last surgery that I’m going to have on my arm so hopefully, it’ll leave me pain-free after everything is healed. Thanks for the support from you guys.

by: Chrisjew 2 months, 4 weeks ago