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Courage List

created by: Grateful 4 months ago

List and describe three ways you can conquer fear.

by: Grateful 4 months ago

Picture the worst that could happen. Then ask myself if the worst will matter 20 years from now.
Try to do the thing that makes me afraid anyway.
Give the fear a name and a voice and talk to someone else about it. Get it out of my head and into the open.

(Disclaimer: I don't always practice any or all of these things in real life.)

by: Pontoof66 4 months ago
replying to Pontoof66

Same here Pontoof 🤚🤣 ,theories are great, but putting them into practice is a different thing .
Fear works on many levels, most of which we aren't even aware of .
We have rational and irrational fears the key, I think, is to acknowledge what what is real and what is fabricated in our minds.
For me I need to watch Fear creeping back into my life and consuming me . I list my fears on paper and talk openly to my sponsor to get to bottom of it.

by: AussieDrunk 3 months, 3 weeks ago

I'm afraid of heights, it's not a paralyzing fear, just very uncomfortable, wouldn't sky dive though. Many trails in the Alps have dizzying drops along the way. So I took up rock climbing to learn how to feel safe while having a drop beneath me. My fear didn't go away, what I learned over and over again is that my first concern was being safe in the few squared feet where I was, then check my knots, anchors, facts, and this knowledge gave me courage to make a next step to wherever I am heading, because I would be ok.

Then there is a problem solving thing, from working in logistics. It is a rare day that something out of a blue doesn't happen and changes whatever I had fixed.  So I get anxious about the outcomes, then imagine every other way things could go, just to find possible options there. Cushions. Whenever I think i have something under control, it goes wayward. Makes me think that control doesn't exist…  But there I am learning to live with changeable scripts in some way and not fear them.

Perhaps it is very optimistic to say that there are always options, but it gives me courage to let go and wait for whatever comes up and see my options there. Fear can be paralyzing.  There were a few times that felt like it had put me outside my body, while the body itself figured out how to survive, and i was watching. My safe-net and what will give me courage is knowin/understanding truths of myself and  the present and having faith that this universe of possibilites is always there…  Providence is one of my favorite words in English and I do believe in prayer …

Have a nice day, thanks for reading if you did, not sure it is all on topic  😊

by: Vita2037 3 months, 3 weeks ago
replying to Vita2037

Thanks Vita. Facing fear in small steps in the present moment without letting my mind wander haphazardly, being flexible with the unexpected, and staying spiritually connected works for me too. Thank you for your sharing your experience, strength, and hope.

by: Guy 3 months, 3 weeks ago