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It’s been a long time….

created by: BaD4LyF 3 months, 1 week ago

I haven’t posted in awhile and my life has been going great. Two years and 3months sober and I can’t believe I’m saying that! Never thought I could do it. I have dreams about getting high a lot but just this morning I had a dream that made me wake up feeling I’m new to being sober! I wanna get high! But I can’t and won’t go back to day 1! Why can’t my dreams be good? I have bad ones so often! I hate it! These last ones have been bad!

by: BaD4LyF 3 months, 1 week ago
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Hi Bad4lyf that's great news you are still sober /clean and so glad you posted .
We don't really have control over our subconscious mind ,Dreams and thoughts . What we have is awareness to watch and not attach to the stream of thoughts . A dream is a story made up in our mind ,fiction just like most thoughts .
Reality happens now , shift your awareness to the present and remember that your life is great and in reality you are living your best life clean and sober.
Before you close your eyes each night dettach from your mind and thank God or whatever that you have been gifted this chance at a new life ❤

by: AussieDrunk 3 months, 1 week ago
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Thanks AussieDrunk. Separating unconscious fantasy from conscious reality has always confused me. Bottomline is I need to separate what I can control and not control mentally. I can't control my unconscious. I still have an addict unconscious that tries to scare me rarely now in dreams. But I have found that the more I practice conscious recovery practices, the fewer ocassions my unconscious relapse dreams occur.

by: Surfer12 3 months, 1 week ago
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Thanks so much AussieDrunk! I was actually looking forward to your response and your awesome wisdom and words!!! That really helped me and you just know how to say things that make total sense to me! I always appreciate your responses and THANK YOU!!!!

by: BaD4LyF 3 months ago
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From my heart to yours❤ and Thank you. Your post coincided with me struggling with thoughts I was in a trap and didn't even realise it . I need constant reminding and you reaching out was perfectly timed . Keep on posting Bad4lyf you never know how you can help someone.

by: AussieDrunk 3 months ago
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Drinking and using dreams come at the most unexpected times. Stay focused on your program and continue to share the dreams. But leave them as just dreams - they have no power over you.

~Nakia 💜

by: Nakia 3 months, 1 week ago
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Many say dreams are your brain’s way of getting to closure. Like when a loved one dies but you dream they are alive and are okay. Maybe your dreams are your brain just getting rid of the really deep cravings.

by: Bretar1210 3 months ago
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I often have vivid cravings consciously and in dreams about being with my neighbor. I am obsessed with my neighbor. . I am married. She lives alone and we share intimate conversations. She is not interfering with my sobriety so I'm ok. I am accepting a day at a time that I don't want to mess up my life and hurt my wife and overcomplicate things, and also get rejected and hurt neighbor clearly has no interest in me. I have even given her a few inuendos and she has totally rejected them. So I know I don't want to make a blatant move and potentially ruin our friendship and I have been taught that "under every skirt there's a slip."
Like a drink, I must follow that through to its bitter end. Yet I am still obsessed with her. I am applying the 12 steps. I actually really like her as a friend and enjoy her company . She likes my wife and is a really decent person. I am actually laughing about this now. Glad I could share this obsession too and welcome anyone's thoughts, experiences, suggestions.

by: Grateful 3 months ago
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Thanks for being so open Grateful. That is a hard thing to do.

One thing that jumped out at me is having intimate conversations with her. I think that opens a door that is so hard to close. Our senses get heightened and before you know it, we are off to the races. I've been there and my imagination is such a trap sometimes.

What's done is done, and thankfully no harm no foul. She's even helping you in her own way! (Both 🙃🫠 probably, but hey. We can accept that lesson.). Going forward, keep things short and cordial (living amends). Steps 3-9 are crucial, I think.

Keep us updated on your progress.

~Nakia 💜

by: Nakia 3 months ago
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Thank you Nakia.

by: Grateful 2 months, 4 weeks ago
replying to BaD4LyF

Congratulations on 2 years, 3 months! That is wonderful ❤

Haven't had many drinking dreams, one that I remember made me cry in the dream too, so that miserable feeling of losing all of my work for a short thrill, helped me later. If I were that miserable from a dream, how would it be in real life then. It didn't make me want to drink, but it became more of a fender that I don't.

Perhaps reading before sleep, or something else not too busy with information, so that you can unwind from the day, be less stressed or rushed before going to bed. I don't know. Hope these dreams have passed. :) Thanks for sharing!

by: Vita2037 3 months ago

I've been having dreams of drinking, and luckily for me, they always end badly. But they do stop and get better. Just last night I had a dream where I got invited to drink and I said "I don't drink" and the people said "Oh no, you're one of THOSE!?". So I carelessly replied that I'm too cool to drink and become uncool. Sounds super corny typing it, but hey, I woke up this morning extremely thankful for these 24 days sober, and my family is too. I don't view alcohol as a choice for myself anymore, and I refuse to. When you give yourself a choice to do something, you're already losing. If it isn't an option, it is off the table. Only you are in control of yourself, cling to that. Even if nothing else in this world is within your control, YOU CONTROL YOU. Your emotions, your attitude, behaviors, morals, and even responses to others. YOU don't have to do anything you don't choose to do or say. I cling to that every day, and I've gotten sober multiple times, but it never truly stuck until now because I never thought of my own control and my power over myself. Y I u can't control your dreams, but changing your mindset and mentality can work wonders for your self-conscious self. Please remember that dreams aren't premonitions or things that are going to happen. More often than not, it's fear that drives them, and that means you're on the right track because it means you are aware of the bad outcomes that happen when you use. Stay strong and take it one day at a time. Be thankful for your life, health, and happiness. You are exactly where you're meant to be, sober.

by: KayKatherine 3 months ago
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Great reminder Kay. Thanks!

by: Nakia 3 months ago