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Wernike-korsakoff syndrome

created by: Gutierreza1041 3 months ago

Has any alcoholic here experienced this? Thanks 😊

by: Gutierreza1041 3 months ago
replying to Gutierreza1041

Yes. Symptoms for me were

Mental confusion
Vision problems
Low blood pressure
Lack of muscle coordination

I had frequent acute and progressively more chronic such that I was experiencing these symptoms even after three or 4 days since my last drink. I also was generally less than clear, cloudy physically and mentally. I believe this syndrome is more commonly known as wet brain. I was only 27 at the time. This was 2 years before my last drunk (flipping my car).

The cause is primarily a depletion of Vitamin B 1 caused by alcohol use.

One incident of mine: Ending up somehow in the Emergency Room, being wrapped in a blanket so tight it felt like a straight jacket ( because I was so cold and because my body was moving unpredictably and because I was in such a critical situation that doctors did not want me to get out of bed or leave room). They gave me an IV of B1.

This is so important for me to remember. As many of you know I have 35 years sober and I don't want to start thinking that I have earned any right to pick up a drink. I cannot risk going back to having a wet brain. Whoever reads this, I strongly encourage you to share any experiences you need to remember as a motivation for you not to pick up the first drink/drug today (even if it does not have the Wernicke-Korsakoff symptoms). And thank you Gutierrezza for raising the subject.

by: Grateful 3 months ago