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Sobriety journal

created by: Yadebug 2 months ago

Hello all,
I hope you have a successful and blessed day today! I am 25 days off of fentanyl after being an opioid addict for about 10 years. (give or take about a year in between where I was forced to be sober. ) This time, being sober is a choice I made for myself and I want to be done for good.
I am here to ask if anyone has any recommendations for a good recovery journal or workbook where I can do daily reflection? I prefer something with prompts to help me get started everyday as well. There are so many out there, but I want one that has meaningful and challenging questions, not something flat, basic and cliché.
Also, I live in a very rural area and transportation is an issue for me so I was wondering if anyone had any reputable links for online NA meetings or recovery support groups? I am aware that I could Google or Amazon search these things--i have already-- but I prefer something tried and recommended by someone I can talk to, as the reviews often leave me with unanswered questions.
Thanks so much for your help and good luck to you all on your sober journey! 🙏🏽❤️

by: Yadebug 2 months ago
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Keep up the good work! I’ve recently joined this virtual sober start. And I really enjoy I think it could help you too!

by: Mal_FPS 1 month, 4 weeks ago
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I will! I am determined to succeed for the first time in the history of my addiction, and I believe that is going to be the main driving force for me this time. Thank you so much! I appreciate your response, and I wish you well on your journey also! Thank you for the recommendation. ❤️

by: Yadebug 1 month, 4 weeks ago
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I'm so happy for you and your progress! I have struggled with alcohol for about 20 years. In and out of sobriety! Now I have 14 days. Over last year, it has been decreasing in number of days drinking each month! I truly take each day as the only day in my life. Today I don't drink. I use the online meetings from AA .org and those meetings are for real. I believe there's NA on the site too. To me they're the same. Same 12 steps. I go for the community and listening to shares. I made a simple journal for myself in a nice blank notebook. At the top I put date. Then these prompts: I am grateful for..., leave space then : What would make today great......, A positive affirmation......, at end of day I put : Good things that happened today....and lastly: What I learned today......
Maybe that helps. The point is I feel very self centered and lonely when I focus on just poor little alcoholic me! I want more than just not drinking in my life!
Good luck! Stay strong! You can do it with help!

by: Bethr 1 month, 4 weeks ago
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Congratulations!! I hope you are still going strong, I know it has been a few days, but I wanted to say Thank You! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your writing prompts with me, I just started today, and I enjoyed writing again for the first time in years! I am definitely inspired to keep going. Thank you again so much. I wish you happiness and much success on your sobriety journey, and new sober life. You can do this!

by: Yadebug 1 month, 3 weeks ago
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I am five days sober

by: anonymous 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Hi Yadebug.

I don't have specific answers to your questions, but wanted to suggest to use posts here as 'prompts' and then write some of your thoughts here, until you find a journal that you can work with :)

Ran across an idea to write a letter good bye to alcohol and it was mentioned here too, but this one said to do so after 6 months... just an idea.. So, I started a word file on my computer "good bye alcohol". I would have lots to say in this letter and there isn't a summation there yet that would work as a single letter. It turned out to be day to day stuff, some as responses here and then about different ideas and perspectives I come across and what it means to me, how I see it. . So, I'm sure it is very helpful to approach this writing in a structured way with prompts and suggested developments over time, but writing this one letter worked out for me. I continue to write it. As long as I don't pick up the first drink, I'll be alright ,and whatever I learn, it'll be good that I did and all of it would count as sober time eventually .... Not sure that this helps with your questions, hope you find what you're looking for soon..

I imagine that NA organization website has links to online meetings. No?

Hope your day goes well. Congratulations on 25 days!

by: Vita2037 1 month, 4 weeks ago
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Hello Vita2037!
I would first like to thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to help a perfect stranger. Truly, it means so much that you care enough to spend your time trying to help me.

I have received a couple of great suggestions and have since started a journal of gratitude and reflection. I do plan to take your advice and start a letter of forgiveness to my past self, as well as a letter to addiction.
(For context: I struggle with multiple substances, because I am just an addict in general, it didnt *really* matter to me at the time what it was, asong as I had SOME kind of crutch to keep me going. I have hopped from one self destructive behavior to the next since I was a child. It started with food addiction, then cutting and asphyxia, then sex, then alcohol, then heroin, the fentanyl.)

I must admit, your idea of posting on here as a journal substitute is actually a great idea! You will likely see some things from me in the future when I'm feeling inspired.

In my past I was a writer at heart, however the drugs have definitely clouded my mind and memory. One of the many things robbed from me first, were my passions. Today, I am avidly working on myself--in all aspects--trying to become the best version of me possible. I have joined a podcast that has weekly zoom meetings, and I am sharing this Tuesday. I have also given up soda, (28 days now) I have been more mindful of my sugar intake and binge eating/unhealthy fasting, I've stopped over sleeping, and I have managed to remain sober for 30 days now! I am so proud of myself, and that's something I haven't experienced in YEARS!

Although it has only been a month, I have found more community in this month than I have in the last 10 years! It's true what they say, "we're all limited by our own perspective." Since I've changed the way I view the world, and myself, it has become far more beautiful than it has ever been. For this, I am grateful and for you, I am grateful.

Much success and happiness to you.
Thank you again.

by: Yadebug 1 month, 3 weeks ago
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Nice to meet you Channelle, I'm Zana (zhana), I'm happy you're here and to hear about the positive changes in your life - way to go! I look forward to reading your shares :) Congratulations on 1 month!

by: Vita2037 1 month, 3 weeks ago
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Hello Zana! Thank you kindly for your words of encouragement. It's people like you that keep me coming back here every day. I appreciate your response. This community has been absolutely vital to my success so far, thank you for being an active part of it. I wish you love, light, success and happiness on you're journey as well. ❤️🙏🏽

by: Yadebug 1 month, 3 weeks ago