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50 Days!

created by: Moose 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Seriously binge drinker on Saturday’s with wine. Almost or finishing a bottle every Saturday. NOW the last 7-8 saturdays and all encompassing, 50 days of no alcohol!

One day at a time. I think if I focus on the weekends, I’m going to keep it going. Love for all who are struggling. My Mom is an alcoholic and it blows. The more sober you are, the more you don’t want those people in your life unfortunately.

by: Moose 1 month, 3 weeks ago

I was a binge drinker but it was a bottle of whiskey and any day worked for me. My family had alcoholics, and those that either drank rarely or not at all.
I'm glad I don't drink booze now, that's for sure, as time passes it seems less interesting to start again but I don't take my sobriety for granted. I haven't had a dream about drinking in a while now and haven't had too many thoughts of having a drink but they still happen from time to time.
In a strange way I hope the thought of having a drink doesn't leave all together because I don't want to forget why I said no more. I'm not going to do this anymore and haven't.
That's what has saved my butt from drinking again far more than once. That's why I don't want to forget that fateful day.

by: MikeG 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Hey brother,

2024 is the year! I have a daughter coming any day now! I have a 5 year old son! I have been pissing away 1 day a week on Sunday to recover. No more! 1/7 of my life spent sluggish. Not doing it anymore. I’m NOT an alcoholic BUT I don’t want to drink.
I’m going to keep it going. I want to hold my daughter and watch March Madness 😀

by: Moose 1 month, 3 weeks ago