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Boredom causes cravings

created by: Sleddogssg 1 month, 3 weeks ago

I'm realizing that I want to drink and drug because I'm so fucking bored. People are generally boring. I have a few activities I do that are usually engaging, one of them is fun. But generally, people lack a sense of fun and humor. I hate life. I'll only relapse if I can guarantee that I'll OD and die. Aside from that I guess I'll stay sober. Of all the completely foolish, embarrassing, illegal things that I've done. My greatest regret in life is being born in the first place. Fuck this. Have a great sober day.

by: Sleddogssg 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Think that boredom as a cause of drinking is one of those that reinforces itself with continual use. I end up waiting for the next time I get drunk and very little catches my interest in between, while alcohol itself would give me a sense of accomplishment even though I haven't done a thing. All I need to do is wait, no sweat, no effort.

Think that boredom made me a curious person at some point in time. I found a way out of it through learning and challenging myself. Books, literature, maybe even Dostoevsky. Think that people can be boring and interesting at the same time, human nature is challenging to understand. But, eventually you find a person you want to listen to and talk to more. One such person asked me once to try not using the word "hate" when I talk of things that I only dislike. It is a very strong word and I felt funny for awhile saying "I really, really don't like...." . ..Eventually I dropped both expressions... In turn, it may have made me more receptive and understanding.

It's a big world, there is lots to explore and doing so with a clear mind can be rewarding... Hope you continue sober and soon find things that keep your interest... Keep looking, perhaps where you stumble you find your 'treasure' and something worth your attention and effort..... I heard once said that we always go back to the place where we left our heart. To me it sounds like a place where I can begin a search and my 'new' understanding of it may be beneficial to my present and then redirect my future. Anyway....

I hope this helps in some way, I wish you the best on your sober journey :)

by: Vita2037 1 month, 3 weeks ago