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First Attempt

created by: Giode 3 years ago

Hello, I'm new and this is my first attempt. It's been a week I'm sober.

by: Giode 3 years ago
replying to Giode

It feels good!

by: ab6491 3 years ago

Hello!! Me too! 8 days to be exact. Good for us. 😊

by: MaryLou 3 years ago
replying to MaryLou

Keep it up.

by: ab6491 3 years ago

Just starting. Well done friends. I’ve had many attempts but remain hopeful!

Good for ye 👍💪

by: Kev 3 years ago

I am on day 2!

by: anonymous 3 years ago

just starting, hope this can help.

by: anonymous 3 years ago