Out of my Head and Into my Heart

"Don't think, Don't Drink!"

It's not so much what happens to you as what you think about it. Try not to judge a person or situation as good or bad because, with time, good or bad changes. As soon as your brain gets out of control or irritated, tell yourself, "Don't think!" Interrupt angry, resentful, or regretful feelings by simply repeating to yourself, "Don't think." If you are worried about what others are thinking about you, simply tell yourself, "Don't think" and feel the self consciousness melt away.


Focus on what's in front of you and remember the self message "Don't think, don't drink." Say five times slowly to yourself: “I need not feel guilty or ashamed. I am loved” as you simultaneously slow and deepen your breathing. If you think you are not loved, you are mistaken because I love you.