Fear, anger, and resentment are your will overcontrolling your future, present, and past

Fear, anger, and resentment are your will operating in three different time zones. Fear is the feeling that you will not get your way in the future. Anger is the feeling that you are not getting your way now. Resentment is the feeling that you did not get your way in the past. These feelings are therefore based on selfishness (the need to get your wants fulfilled). According to the Big Book, selfishness is the root of addiction. Fear, anger, and resentment (resulting from selfishness) causes cravings to relapse to escape the pain they create.


Do a third step now. Make a decision to turn your will and life over to the care of your Higher Power as you understand your Higher Power. Your Higher Power can be any kind of positive help, i.e. the group support, sponsor, recovery principles, a religous, loving God, or a non-religious faith, or a therapy modality that works, or a spiritual feeling that you can't explain that gives you a sense of peace, etc. Your old Higher Power was your drug of choice which ultimately caused you and others suffering.  It wanted you to only look out for yourself. It wanted you to be dishonest, selfish, impure, and hating. Your sober Higher Power wants you to practice the four absolutes which are honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love. Do your sober Higher Power's will in this moment and you will no longer be fearful, angry, or resentful.

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