God is a comedian playing to an audience afraid to laugh

Are you too serious? Are some of the tragedies you perceive in your life really comedies?  Taking ourselves too seriously can lead us to relapse. It is far better to shake our heads and chuckle over something that doesn't go our way than it is to drink over it. It is better to remember that we don't have to live up to our own or others' high expectations. It is better to remember that we are far from perfect and don't always have to implement a perfect solution to everything. How do we lighten up?  It actually takes some serious faith that God will protect us no matter what happens…that we will be OK if we stay sober and try to do his will. ..that Life and Ourselves may be throwing us some loops but that God is a safety net. It takes an attitude that we will not let the ordinary ups and downs of life drive us crazy…that it's OK to laugh over them because we have been given the gift of sobriety.


Look for the humor by accepting, having faith, and then not taking things so seriously.