I am my own best friend

Life tends to expose us to many negative people and influences. We all know people who act like they have the weight of the world constantly upon them every day. We find them at work, at school, in grocery store lines, even while we are stopped at a red light. We also are continually exposed to overwhelming negative stimuli like newspapers, television, the internet, all of which bombard us daily with all the new ways the world seems to be struggling. Clients, customers, parents and children complain to us. They grumble and use negative words to express their plights. If we let them drive our bus, we can become fearful, anxious, and depressed, and these are states which can lead to relapse. We can also be our own worst enemy by isolating and slipping into loneliness. In the face of all of this negativity, an excellent way to keep a positive attitude and therefore stay sober and serene is to say short positive messages to yourself. Dr. Emile Coue’ was a noted physician in the 1920's. He described how he helped his patients heal themselves from such diseases as rheumatism, tubercular sores, paralysis, fibrous tumors and ulcers by autosuggestion. He is credited with the phrase, “Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”


I’ve found that I can turn around a negative or nervous thought by repeating the phrase, “I feel physically good." See if this phrase works for you, or perhaps you can create your own. Just the act of physically smiling can help you feel better. Smiling also attracts other happy people to you. You can draw on autosuggestion quickly, and it can change your attitude so that you can feel more relaxed no matter what bad feeling you are experiencing.