Love - No Matter What

Not only an unconditional, loving attitude toward others, but an unconditional loving attitude toward yourself helps keep you sober. If you are feeling a craving to escape from a negative feeling, remember picking up a drink or drug is an act of self loathing. You deserve to care about yourself just because you are - not because of your inflated ego, what you accomplish, or what you do or do not have. Conditional love focuses more on the conditions than the love. It creates stress, fear and negativity. If someone wrongs you, deal with the wrong by creating a healthy boundary or by focusing on how to obtain justice. Don't let the wrong cause you to take on the heavy baggage of resentment against the person. Try to exercise understanding by thinking about the harmful influences the person may have experienced. Better to feel pity for the offending person or to just ignore the offending person rather than to allow resentment to weigh you down.


Don’t imprison your loving attitude with conditions or else you will fail to experience the love which is so useful to your own sobriety. Avoid anger and resentment by trying to find a reason to love rather than hate.